Lyric Theatre

7208 Pacific Blvd
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Huntington Park, CA  90255 

Opened: June 30, 1922 at the corner of Florence and Pacific in the Walnut Park business district.  In the 1928 city directory it's listed as at 7210 Pacific.

The Lyric is just south of the other theatres in Huntington Park including the Warner and the California.

Initially a vaudeville theatre, it eventually went to movies only and was for years under Fox West Coast management. It's in the 1946 directory as the Fox Lyric.

By the late 50s it was already showing softcore exploitation films. When it closed it was a Pussycat Theatre.

Architect: A.H. McCullough of Walnut Park

Seating: 968

Status: The building is still standing. There's retail in the lobby.  The auditorium has been double decked for numerous small offices.

More Information: See the Cinema Treasures page on the Lyric Theatre for a bit of discussion.  The Pacific Coast Architectural Database has a page on the Lyric. 

The Lyric is discussed in Jay Allen Sanford's 2010 San Diego Reader article about Pussycat Theatres chain: "Pussycat Theatres: A Comprehensive History of a California Dynasty."  Sadly, the version now online is missing all its photos. A better bet might be on Blogspot:  Pussycat Theater History 1  (Chapter 1) and  Pussycat Theater History 2 (Chapters 2 through 15).

 The Lyric Theatre building after a bit of remodeling.

photo: Lanna Pian - 2010

The theatre entrance used to be on the
right side where the green awning is.

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The south side of the Lyric -- the stage door is open!

photo: Bill Counter - 2012

While the lobby was obviously gutted for retail, this appeared
to be an opportunity to explore the auditorium. Alas -- the space
has been gutted and double decked for a two story warren of offices.

    L.A. Public Library Photo Collection

An undated view of the Lyric
 from the Library's collection.
 full size view

A 1943 view in the Library's collection.
Playing the week of the photo were "Let's
Face It" and "Above Suspicion." 
 full size view

A late 50s view looking north on Pacific
Blvd. with the Lyric Theatre on the right.

photo: Sean Ault Collection

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A detail from Sean's photo.

Thanks, Sean!

Sean Ault is a noted L.A. transit historian with
 an amazing photo collection. You can see many more
 items from his Osiris Press archive on YouTube.

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    American Classic Images

A 1983 view of the Lyric Theatre facade,
when it was the Pussycat. 
full size view

The photo also appears on the
 Photos of Los Angeles Facebook page.

A cropped version without a watermark appeared with
Jay Allen Sanford's 2010 San Diego Reader article
about the Pussycat chain.

    Cinema Treasures   

A look at the terrific marquee that was once
on the Lyric. It was added to the Cinema
 Treasures Lyric Theatre page by their
prolific contributor Bill Gabel.
full size view

The photo above also appears
on Photos of Los Angeles.