Loyola Theatre

8610 S. Sepulveda Blvd.
(at Manchester)  
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Westchester (Los Angeles), CA   90045

Opened: October 3, 1946 as a Fox West Coast project. "3 Little Girls in Blue" was the opening feature. Stars attending the opening included Vivian Blaine, Richard Conte, Jeanne Crain, Victor Mature, Cornel Wilde and many others.

The Loyola was later operated by Fox's successor companies National General Corporation and Mann Theatres.

Sam Gnerre's fine 2014 South Bay Daily
Breeze article "Westchester's Loyola Theatre"
includes this 1946 opening ad.
full size view

The theatre occasionally saw concerts and other live events although it lacked a real stage. By 1979 the Loyola was no longer running movies and was operated by Guru Maharaj Ji who used it for meetings and programs by his group.

In 1981 Mickey Cottrell, Richie Azzarone and Mike Hanlon reopened the theatre as a revival house. All went well, including some restoration work, until the building was purchased by a developer with other ideas, Ted Sparks, in 1982.

Architect:  Clarence J. Smale designed the Skouras-style building. 

Carl G. Moeller was the designer of the interior.  Moeller was chief designer at the time for Fox West Coast and worked on various projects for the circuit with a number of different architects.

Seating: 1,234

Status: The Loyola closed May 15, 1982 with its final chapter as a revival house. The interior was gutted a year later, despite some preservation attempts, to serve as a medical office building.

More information: See Sam Gnerre's 2014 South Bay Daily Breeze article "Westchester's Loyola Theatre" for a good history of the building.

Cinema Treasures has a page on the Loyola. The Cinema Tour page on the Loyola has nine 2003 exterior photos by Ron Pierce.
The site Silver Screens has a digitally altered version of the Loyola facade (as the "Rialto") appears in episode 201 of Dawson's Creek.

The Loyola's neighbor, the Paradise Theatre, opened in 1950 a third of a mile farther south on Sepulveda.

Looking north along Sepulveda.

photo: Michelle Gerdes - 2009

These photos of Michelle's are part of
her Theatres - California set on Flickr.

Thanks, Michelle!

A terrazzo detail looking north.

photo: Michelle Gerdes - 2009

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A terrazzo detail near the entrance doors.

photo: Michelle Gerdes - 2009

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    Deanna Bayless on Photobucket   

A photo of the Loyola from Deanna's collection.
The theatre is running "Three Little Girls
in Blue" with June Haver, a 1946 release.
full size view | on Photobucket

The view above also appears
 in "Theatres in Los Angeles."

The Loyola -- still all by itself on both sides. Here
"Moss Rose," a 1947 release is playing.
full size view | on Photobucket

The 2 views also appear in the THS publication
 "Skouras-ized for Showmanship."

    John Eickhof    


 John Eickhof's Theatre Gallery #4 (California and
Nevada) includes this 40s view of the booth at the
Loyola. The lamps are Peerless Hy-Candescents
 behind Simplex E-7 projectors.

full size view

Check out John's 145 photos in the set!

    Stacey Kay on Flickr   


A 1976 view of the Loyola on
Stacey Kay's Flickr album. 
full size view

    Ken McIntyre on Cinema Treasures   


Intrepid theatre researcher Ken rounded up this nice
1976 view of the boxoffice and marquee soffit. He linked to
it on the Cinema Treasures page for the Loyola.
Ken has also posted the photo above on his
Facebook page Photos of Los Angeles as a
comment to an aerial view of the theatre.

    Photos of Los Angeles   


An early aerial view of the theatre added to
the Photos of Los Angeles collection by Janna
Kahnweiler Silva. She notes that the side parking lot
soon disappeared and another building was added.

A 1982 look at the theatre from Ken McIntyre
on the Photos of Los Angeles Facebook page.
full size view

The photo, by South Bay Daily Breeze photographer
Jack Lardomita, also appears in a 2014 Sam Gnerre
 Daily Breeze article about the theatre.

Ken McIntyre comments that these two features
are German films. Deanna Bayless notes that
 the venue ran as an art house in the early 80s
before being closed and gutted.

    Skouras-ized for Showmanship   

Skouras' West Coast Theatres
by Preston J. Kaufmann

Theatre Historical Society, 1987
THS website
| buy on Amazon

This 1987 THS annual (#14) is packed with photos of
theatres that Fox West Coast gave the moderne
"Skouras look"  in the 40s.

An interior view of the Loyola from
the THS/Terry Helgesen collection.
larger view

A look at the sidewall of the auditorium. It's a
photo from the Terry Helgesen collection.
larger view

A light fixture detail. It's a photo
from the Terry Helgesen collection.

larger view

    USC Archives    


A 1949 Spence Air Photos view of Westchester
 from the California Historical Society. It looks
like the Loyola up near the upper right.
full size view

 |  An aerial view on UCLA's Calisphere  |

The Loyola running the 1947 hit "Forever Amber."

photo: Kurt Wahlner collection

Theatre historian Kurt Wahlner is best known for his
website elaborately documenting the history of
 Grauman's Chinese.  Thanks, Kurt!

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On the left, a view of the Loyola in 1959.

photo: Sean Ault collection

We're looking south on Sepulveda at the LAPD escort
for Nikita Khrushchev during his visit to Los Angeles.
Thanks for sending the photo our way, Sean!

A 1972 view of the Loyola
running "The Candidate."

photo: Los Angeles Public Library,
Security Pacific National Bank collection

| on the LAPL website  |

The photo also appears on Cinema Treasures,
Photos of Los Angeles and Vintage Los Angeles.

A view of the theatre in 2010 --
long after it had lost its sparkle.

photo: Bill Counter

[ click on any of these to enlarge ]

A look at the boxoffice.

photo: Michelle Gerdes - 2009

Terrazzo near the boxoffice.

photo: Michelle Gerdes - 2009

    American Classic Images   


An April 1982 look at the Loyola-- when
it was running German films. 
full size view

Also on the site:
1982 view -- "Animation Festival"  |
1982 view - "Available"  |

    Cinema Treasures   


Thanks to Cinema Treasures contributor
Dallas Movie Theaters for this 1961 photo.
full size view | on Cinema Treasures

Thanks to Ken McIntyre for spotting the photo on the
site -- he had it as a post on Photos of Los Angeles.

    Daily Breeze   


This lovely 1982 view toward the screen appears in Sam
Gnerre's 2014 article "Westchester's Loyola Theatre."
The 1982 photo is by South Bay Daily Breeze
photographer Jack Lardomita.

Note here that the Cinemascope screen got placed
 in front of the original narrow proscenium.

A 1982 view by Daily Breeze photographer Jack
Lardomita. By the boxoffice is Mickey Cottrell, who ran
 the theatre as revival house until it was purchased
by an unsympathetic developer.
 full size view

Thanks to Deanna Bayless
for finding the article!

    L.A. Public Library Collection   


"Viva Zapata" (1952) at the Loyola.
full size view

A wonderful look at the terrazzo
and the boxoffice in 1952.
 full size view

A look at the theatre in 1970 running
 "The Secret of Santa Vittoria." 
full size view

Another "Santa Vittoria" view of the
 facade from the Library's collection.
full size view

A 1976 photo of the Loyola by Gary Leonard.
The theatre is running "Treasure of Matacumbe."
full size view

Also see:
1946 facade drawing  |

    Tortuga 1 on Flickr   


A 2008 photo from Tortuga 1.
full size view

A look at the boxoffice.
full size view

These are part of his 17
image Loyola Theatre set.

    Westchester California Memories   

This now dead Facebook group
had several interesting Loyola shots:

A 1977 look at the theatre running
the Disney production "Candleshoe."
It's from the an Strehlow collection.
full size view

A less cropped version of the photo has been
added by Richard Wojcik to the Vintage Los Angeles
collection on Facebook.

A fanciful version of the Loyola marquee with
the message Photoshopped in by Joseph Hood.
full size view