La Tosca Theatre

2930 S. Vermont Ave.    | map

Los Angeles, CA   90007

Opened: The theatre opened in 1912 as the Photoplay.

In the 1914 city directory there's a listing at 2928 S. Vermont for "Saml MacIntyre" as the proprietor.

In a 1914 ad reproduced by Jeff Bridges on Flickr,  "McIntyre & Pollard" are the owners of  the Photoplay No. 2 at 30th & Vermont.  They're advertising that the theatre gets "The Pick of the Licensed Flim. [sic]  Extra Good Music. 10 cents, Loges 15 cents."

In the 1915 directory it's shown as the Photoplay at 2930 S. Vermont. In 1916, 1917 and 1918 directories as the Photoplay at 2928 S. Vermont.

Starting with the the 1919 city directory it's listed as as the La Tosca Theatre. The interior decor featured Venetian murals.

In the 40s the La Tosca was still running mainstream Hollywood product but by the early 50s the theatre had changed policy and was then a thriving foreign film house running German features and newsreels.

It also ran Hungarian, Italian and Indian films. The location close to USC helped it survive into the 80s even as the neighborhood went into a serious decline.

Architect:  Unknown

Seating: 640

Status: The closing date is not known -- perhaps the mid to late 80s. The building is currently used as retail, storage and a barber shop.

More information: See the Cinema Treasures page on the La Tosca for some discussion.

The Cinema Tour page has two 2003 exterior photos.

    American Classic Images  

A 1983 look at the theatre.
full size view

    Gerald DeLuca on Photobucket   

An 80s shot of the Tosca in the collection of
Gerald De Luca. It looks like the neighboring
furniture business is taking over the sidewalk.

A view of the La Tosca Theatre.

photo: Bill Counter - 2012

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The La Tosca Theatre as a foreign film house.

photo: Gary Graver - c.1980

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    Julius Schulman - Getty Research Institute

A 1953 look south on Vermont toward the La Tosca with the
marquee advertising Czech and German films.  It's a detail from
 a larger image showing more of the buildings across the street.

Julius Schulman was out photographing various branch
offices for Bank of America. It was his Job #1557.
This is
the only view in this set of three that includes the theatre.

Thanks to Hoss C for finding the photos in the Getty
collection. It's part of his Noirish Los Angeles post #30604.

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