Fox Theatre Inglewood

115 N. Market Street

Inglewood, CA 90301     | map |

The News: Still in limbo but there's hope. See the Fox Inglewood page on the LAHTF website for a 2015 update on progress in saving the theatre.

Opened: March 31, 1949 with “Mr. Belvedere Goes to College,” starring Clifton Webb and Shirley Temple. It replaced the Granada Theatre which was destroyed by fire in 1945. 

The Fox Inglewood is across the street from the site of the United Artists.

Architects: S. Charles Lee and Carl G. Moeller designed the building for Fox West Coast using elements out of Fox's standard "Skouras Style" sourcebook.

It's very similar to a number of other Fox circuit theatres up and down the coast, especially the Fresno Crest and Sacramento Crest.  The construction cost was reported to be $400,000. See our blogspot posts for a few more projects by the prolific Mr. Lee.

At a time when much design was getting the modern look, the head of Fox West Coast Theatres, Charles Skouras, had his architectural team in the late 40s and early 50s take a different tack towards a lush neo-baroque feel.

The program was an attempt to create a program so theatres could be remodeled (or constructed from scratch as the Fox Inglewood was) in an economical fashion while creating a new sumptuous feel for post-war audiences with new expectations of luxury.

While many of the buildings ended up quite different from each other, you could always spot certain prefabricated elements: lush red draperies, exotic gold plaster swirls encompassing the proscenium, etched aluminum surround panels at the snack bar and drinking fountains, etc. The basic program was applied to hundreds of theatres. While the components differed, the consistent style was unmistakable. Fox maintained its own huge assembly plant to produce many of the decorative elements.

In a remodel it might be just a shiny "padded-looking" gold and aluminum snack bar and a few Skouras swirls below the proscenium like the Palace downtown.  Or it could mean gutting the building and ending up with a totally new creation in an old shell like the Crest in Sacramento.

Seating: 1,166

The Fox in the Movies: "Do you really like movies? When's the last time you
went to see a movie in a theatre?... A movie that really meant something to you?" asks Lindsey Lohan in Paul Schrader's "The Canyons" (IFC Films, 2013).

 This wide-angle shot of the Fox is in the opening credits
for the film, which begins and ends with desaturated views
of abandoned movie theatres. The film, written by Bret
Easton Ellis, is a thriller about some sad people
on the fringes of the film business.
See our Theatres In Movies post on "The Canyons"
for shots of other theatres from the film.

The Fox on Video:   See "Insider's Peek #1"  -- a 4 minute video with Hillsman Wright on the LAHTF YouTube channel.

Status: It's been closed since 1984 and is a curiously well preserved period piece. In 2009 the owner was trying to sell the building for the best offer he could get above $200,000.  LAHTF's Hillsman Wright has called it "a time capsule from 1949."

Curbed LA ran a story "Fox on the Auction Block" in December 2009. An auction was set for February 2010 but didn't happen. There was hope that the City of Inglewood would consider purchasing the building. That didn't happen.  A 2012 Curbed LA piece "..On Its Way To National Register" featured a selection of photos by LAHTF's Don Solosan. It was placed on the Register in 2013.

The LAHTF has been trying to drum up support for the plan by giving tours and organizing community meetings. The Inglewood Fox Theatre Alliance (IFTA) was formed with the goal of building a coalition to restore the Fox as a multi-purpose entertainment venue. That organization evidently has been dormant since 2014.

More information:  See the Cinema Treasures page on the Fox Inglewood.

Check out the LA Weekly story "Welcome to Inglewood.." for a nice discussion of Inglewood and what happened to it by Erin Aubry Kaplan. 

The 2015 Matt Lambros "After The Final Curtain" article on the Fox Inglewood has a good history of the building.

Looking toward the curtain -- ready
for a show at the Fox Inglewood.

photo: Michelle Gerdes - 2010

[ click on any of these to enlarge ]

A detail of the trim below the screen.

photo: Michelle Gerdes - 2010

A view of the Skouras-style
drinking fountain. 

photo: Michelle Gerdes- 2010

More views of the Fox Inglewood by Michelle on Flickr:
  | lobby plaster detail  | light fixture | cash register |
marquee letters | boxoffice  | terrazzo detail  |
 |  carpet -- with mushroom crop!  | snack bar  |
 | exterior view |

See more of Michelle's adventurous theatre explorations
in her "Theatres-California" set on Flickr. 
Thanks, Michelle!

    American Classic Images

A nice 1983 view of the marquee with the
"Fox" still on either side of the readerboards.
 full size view

Also see:
| 1955 street view - with the UA  |

    Cinema Treasures   

See the Cinema Treasures page on the
Fox Inglewood for lots of discussion about
its history and additional photos.

An early 1950s exterior view of the

Fox Theatre from the John Chappell
 collection on Cinema Treasures. Sorry,
there's no longer a larger view

A view of the booth in 2009 by Warren Dewey. 
full size view

Check out the page on the

Fox for a dozen more views.

    Gary Graver   

A look at the Fox Inglewood in the 80s.
full size view

Another 80s Fox shot.
full size view

Gary Graver was a filmmaker and cinematographer
who photographed many historic theatres. More of
his theatre work can be seen on You Tube:
 "Second Run - part 1" and "Second Run - part 2."

Thanks to Sean Graver for the photos.

    L.A. Public Library Collection

A 1987 view of Market Street.
full size view


A view of the sidewall by New Stone Age.

 larger view

LAist ran a nice story on "Touring the Fox Theatre"
with lots of photos taken during the 2010
 LAHTF tour by The New Stone Age.

A view of the ceiling.

  larger view

Looking toward the booth.

  larger view

... and there are 11 more photos to
 view that accompany the article.

    Photos of Los Angeles

A 1955 Alan Weeks photo of the Fox Inglewood.
 It appears
in Ken McIntyre's Photos of Los Angeles on Facebook. 
full size view

There's also a higher resolution version of the 1955 photo
 from the Sean Ault Archives.  That version is also on
our LA Theatres Facebook page.

The photo also appears on Vintage Los Angeles,
the Metro Transportation Archive on Flickr and the
Alan Weeks collection on the Pacific Electric
Railway Historical Society website.

A great 1958 look at the Fox neon on Photos
of Los Angeles. It's a post of Bill Gabel. Sorry, on
Photos of L.A. it's the same size you see here.
on Photos of LA |
somewhat larger version

The photo above also appears on on Roadside
Neon Theatre Southern California page.

    UCLA Calisphere

A 1961 look south on Market St.The UA
 is on the left, the Fox on the right.  The photo
 is from the Inglewood Public Library. 
full size view 

The photo above also appears on the
 Facebook page Photos of Los Angeles.

Also on Calisphere:
| 1962 view  |

The Fox Inglewood in better days.

photo: Matt Spero - 1976

A boxoffice view.

photo: Matt Spero - 1976

Thanks, Matt!

[ click on any of these photos to enlarge ]

The abandoned theatre at dusk.

photo: Bill Counter - 2010

The proscenium of the Fox Inglewood.

photo: Stephen Russo - Los Angeles
Historic Theatre Foundation - 2014

Thanks, Stephen! The photo originally
appeared on the LAHTF Facebook page.

The LAHTF is actively involved in the study and preservation
of the many vintage theatres in the Los Angeles area. The group
frequently supports events and offers tours of the buildings. | group Facebook page | official FB page

A view of the back of the house.

photo: Michelle Gerdes - 2010

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    After the Final Curtain - Matt Lambros | on Facebook

Check out Matt's new book of theatre photos --
"After the Final Curtain: The Fall of the American Movie Theater."
| on Amazon |

A boxoffice view from Matt's terrific coverage of
 the theatre in a September 2014 "After The Final
Curtain" blog post featuring 11 views.
full size view | Matt's Fox post

A 2014 Matt Lambros lobby view. Don't you
love that Skouras-style snack bar?
full size view | Matt's Fox post

A look at one of the lobby area light fixtures.
full size view | Matt's Fox post

A 2014 look at the front of the Fox
Inglewood's auditorium by Matt Lambros.
  full size view |
Matt's Fox post

The photo above also appeared on
Matt's "
2014 Road Trip Day 2
" post.

A look toward the rear of the house.
Up in the booth. One set of gear left:
Magnarc, Simplex E-7, RCA sound.
full size view |
Matt's Fox post

See Matt's September 2015 Fox Inglewood
post on his After The Final Curtain website
 for more of his great photos of the theatre.

    Huntington Digital Library   

A lovely panorama looking north on Market St. in November 1952.
 On the right is the Ritz Theatre with the United Artists beyond. On
 the left is the Fox Inglewood. The image is a detail from part of a much
 larger photo by Joseph Fadler taken for Southern California Edison.
Thanks to Noirish Los Angeles contributor BifRayRock
 for the find. He has it on his Noirish post #37847.

    more from the LAHTF | Facebook group page | official FB page

A 2010 exterior view by Don Solosan in
the LAHTF Facebook photo collection.
 full size view

A shot of the booth by Don.

 full size view

Also by Don Solosan:

| boxoffice | snack bar  | another bar view |
 | auditorium from rear | another view from the rear |
  | looking toward the booth | down the aisle  |

Another extraordinary photo by Wendell
 Benedetti in the LAHTF Facebook photo collection.
Here we're at the back of the Fox auditorium.
full size view

A lobby view by Mr. Benedetti. 
full size view

Also by Mr. Benedetti:
 | proscenium closer view |

For lots of photos of other
Los Angeles
movie palaces browse the
LAHTF Facebook photo collection.

    Marchand Meffre Photography   

A 2008 look back toward the booth of the
Fox by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre. 
full size view | on the MM site

Visit their Theaters portfolio for more great
 views of (mostly east coast) theatres.

    Online Archive of California

A great c.1960 view looking south on Market Street
 from the Inglewood Public Library
.  The United Artists is
 on the left and the Fox Inglewood is on the right.

image data | full size view

The view above also appears
on the LAHTF Facebook page.

A look up the street at the Fox in 1975.
It's an Inglewood Public Library photo.
full size view
The photo above also appears on the
LAHTF Facebook page.

    Wich Stand

An uncredited interior view of the Fox
 Inglewood from the Wich Stand page.