Del Mar Theatre

Puget Sound, Inc.

5036 W. Pico Blvd.    | map

Los Angeles, CA   90019

(323) 938-4971

Online:  Puget Sound on Facebook

Opened: April, 1939. The location is two blocks west of La Brea.

Status: The floor has been leveled and it now is used by Puget Sound, Inc. as a studio specializing in post production audio work.

Joe Milner, the owner of Puget Sound, has restored the marquee and vertical sign's neon which are on view nightly.  With help from the city's Pico Revitalization Project (2003-2005) the firm also repainted the facade and did refurbishment on the showcases.  Bravo!

In in addition to Joe's work the Del Mar houses a graphic design studio, La Artista Design, run by his girlfriend Laura A. Mendoza. | on Facebook

It had been closed as a film theatre since the 80s.  After a spell as a church, the building sat vacant for years.

Marleen Rubin Capell, the daughter of the owner, Herman Rubin, notes that she was the "Mar" in the theatre's name. Marlene was born in 1932 and was named for Marlene Deitrich, who was famous at the time for "Blue Angel" (1930).

Marleen notes: "They charged about 7 cents for kids.  They showed a cartoon, full length movie, a western (because I told my Dad I wanted a western) and a serial and probably a newsreel. There was a drawing at intermission for large cans of popcorn and 6 packs of soda.  My cousins also went every Saturday.  I remember going up on the stage to draw the winning tickets.  When we left everyone received a free Abazaba Bar."

Architect:  Not known. The building was converted into a theatre from a furniture store.

Seating: 600

More information: See the Cinema Treasures page for a few stories about the Del Mar.  Cinema Tour has a 2002 Bob Meza photo of the facade prior to restoration work.

Another look at the vertical.

photo: Joe Milner, Puget Sound, Inc.

Another look at the Del Mar Theatre facade.

photo: Michelle Gerdes - 2009

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A detail of the marquee.

photo: Michelle Gerdes - 2009

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    Puget Sound on Facebook

A view of the former auditorium space on
Puget Sound's Facebook album. 
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Looking back toward the booth. 
full size view

Also in the album:

| owner Joe Milner at the console |

A view of the Del Mar Theatre in 2010.

photo: Bill Counter -2010

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The Del Mar neon at dusk.

photo: Joe Milner, Puget Sound, Inc.

Thanks for the photos, Joe!

A marquee detail.

photo: Joe Milner, Puget Sound, Inc.

The photo above also appears on
Puget Sound Facebook page.

A 2009 night view.

photo: Mark Peacock

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The terrazzo at the Del Mar.

photo: Michelle Gerdes - 2009

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    Corey Miller on Flickr

A nice view of the Del Mar vertical in 2009
Corey Miller's photo appears in his
 "Theatre Signs" set.
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    Waltarrrrr on Flickr

Looking west on Pico toward the Del Mar
as seen in 2007 by the
Thanks, Waltarrrr!