Chutes / Luna Park Theatre

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Los Angeles, CA   90015

Opened:  1900 as the Chutes Theatre, later known as the Luna Park Theatre.  The 1912 city directory uses an address of 1501 S. Main St.-- off by about 4 blocks with the current numbering.

Seating: 1,400

Nickelodeon magazine on December 1, 1910 reported that Arthur Hyman leased the "moving picture and vaudeville theater in Luna Park, Los Angeles and will make extensive improvements."  See our page on the College Theatre for more about Arthur Hyman and his theatre circuit.

Status: Demolished.

About the Park:
The park was opened on the southwest corner of Washington and Main by Dave Waldron as the Washington Gardens park in the 1887. It was a trolly park -- arrangements were made for the horse drawn trolly to take patrons to the park.

It was sold to new owners, Los Angeles County Improvement Co., in 1899 and renamed Chutes Park.  The highlight was the water ride with the top of the slide 75' high. There was a mechanical lift to take patrons to the top.

The park was renamed Luna Park in 1910.  It was also known as Horsley Park.
There was a baseball field adjacent to the amusement park that opened in 1900. The amusement park closed in 1914. 

See the Wikipedia article on
Chutes Park
Jeffrey Stanton has a nice article on Chutes park as part of his great coverage of Los Angeles area amusement districts. He notes that at one time the park had two vaudeville theatres. Also, there's a nice blog post on Dear Old Hollywood.

There's no relation between this location and the much later (20s-40s) Luna Park zoo in the Lincoln Heights area of Los Angeles.

    L.A. Public Library Collection

A c.1901 look at the water ride and
 the facade of the Chutes Theatre.
full size view

A closer look at the theatre.
full size view

Also in the Library's collection:
 | Chutes water ride -- pre-theatre construction |
 |  top of the Chutes - 1901 |

    USC Archives

A c.1905 view of Chutes Park looking north.
full size view

Also in the archives:
 |  men under an arbor  - USC dated as c.1876, probably later  |
Fisher's store - nw corner Main & Washington - c.1890  |
water ride - USC dates it as c.1905 -- probably earlier  |
| water ride pool - c.1905  |
 |  water ride -- theatre off to the right - c.1906  |
baseball field  |

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    California State Library

A c.1900 postcard from the Library's collection.
full size view | data page

     Elizabeth Fuller - Old L.A. Postcards

A postcard of the Chutes Theatre from Elizabeth Fuller's
 amazing Old Los Angeles Postcards collection -- 682
 cards at last look. The card was sent in 1908.
 full size view | on FB/LATheatres

    Noirish Los Angeles 

A color postcard view of the Chutes Theatre.

The card is included on Hoss C's
Noirish Los Angeles post #19205. It's also on his
post #19077 where he's included some vintage maps.


Ethereal Reality came across a 1909 snapshot
of the Chutes on eBay which he has posted
on his Noirish LA post #21668.

    Water & Power Associates

A view of the Chutes Theatre facade from
 page 1 of the Early L.A. Buildings section of the
Water & Poser Associates Museum pages.