California Theatre - Glendale

341 N. Brand Blvd.    | map

Glendale, CA   91203

Opened: 1928. The building also housed the California Hotel.

In the 40s the California was being operated by Fox West Coast.

Architect:  Unknown

Seating: 772

Status: Date of closing is unknown.  The space then became a furniture store. It was later demolished - there's a Bank of America branch on the site.

More information: See the Cinema Treasures page on the California for what little is known about this building.

    Deanna Bayless   

Thanks to Deanna Bayless for this sad view of the theatre,
on the left, as a furniture store after finishing its theatrical days.
It was a post on the Los Angeles Theatres Facebook page.

    California State Library

A c.1929 view toward the rear of the house from
the Mott Studio Collection at the State Library.
 full size view

Another look toward the rear with
more of the ceiling visible.
 full size view

At the rear of the balcony.
full size view

The proscenium from the rear of the main floor.
Note the organ console in the pit.
full size view

A Mott Studio look at the lobby.
full size view

More from the California State Library:

There are two more Mott Studio photos of the California Theatre
 in the collection. All 7 photos are cataloged as set #001387144 .

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    L.A. Public Library Collection

An undated view looking north on Brand
toward the California.

The Library's caption reads: "The Lexington
Hotel and Hotel California are the two large buildings
across the street. White building on the left belongs
to the Glendale News- Press."

A December 11,1937 view with Brand Blvd.
 all decked out for Christmas. The California
Theatre signage is lit up at the right.
 It's a Herald Examiner photo.
full size view

A detail from the LAPL image above.

    Oviatt Library - CSUN

A detail from a 1935 view from the Oviatt Library
 at Cal State Northridge. We're running "Dark Angel."
full size view

    Vintage Los Angeles

A 1952 look at the California Theatre and the
Hotel California that appeared on Vintage Los Angeles.
The photo, by Glenn B. Ward Commercial Photography,
 has vanished from VLA -- glad we saved a copy.
 full size view

The California is playing "Come Back Little
Sheba." The smaller Lexington Hotel building
 south of the theatre still survives.

The photo also appears on Ethereal Reality''s
Noirish Los Angeles post #10305.