Boulevard Theatre

1615 W. Washington Blvd.    | map

Los Angeles, CA   90007

Opened: May 27, 1925. The opening film was Joe Weber & Lew Fields in "Friendly Enemies."  On the great stage was "Sally," a Fanchon and Marco Idea.

The sign on the side said West Coast Boulevard Theatre.

In the 50s, the stage area was converted into a space with four floors for the Fox West Coast offices. The Boulevard was a convenient location as the stage entrance was at 1825 S. Vermont Ave., in the heart of L.A.'s film row.

A view of one of the offices at the Boulevard, in a
photo from the California State Library.

The Library has 3 other office views at the
Boulevard. They're all cataloged as set #001387138.

Charles P. Skouras, the head of the company, had a fifth floor penthouse with a swimming pool, living room film projection capability, and private elevator.  The circuit's facilities also included a 50 seat screening room, barber shop, cafeteria, steam room and medical facilities.

The Boulevard got an early Cinemascope installation for the L.A. industry screening of the first Cinemascope feature, "The Robe," prior to its debut at the Chinese.

Fox sold the building and adjacent parking lot to the Thriftimart corporation in 1960.  Thriftimart used what had been the Fox offices for their corporate headquarters. The theatre circuit had constructed new corporate offices adjacent to the Carthay Circle Theatre.

The theatre closed in August 1964. In 1966 it was converted to a community center (Inner City Cultural Center) with the theatre's last use by a legit group called Inner City Repertory.  The space was donated by Thriftimart. After the cultural center ceased using the space, Thriftimart used the auditorium for storage.

Architect:  Albert C. Martin, who, among many other buildings, designed the building that the Million Dollar Theatre is in.

Seating: Estimates vary from 2,160 to 2,300.

Status: Demolished in the mid 80s.

More information: See the Cinema Treasures page for lots of research and discussion by Jeff Bridges, Patrick Howard, William and other contributors.

The West Adams - Normandie website has a nice rundown on other theatres in the area and links to Los Angeles Public Library photos.

Another 50s look west on Washington.

photo: Sean Ault Archives by Osiris Press

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Thanks, Sean!

Sean Ault is a noted L.A. transit historian with
 an amazing photo collection. You can see many more
 items from his Osiris Press archive on YouTube.

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    USC Archives

A 20s view looking west on Washington toward Vermont.
It's a photo from the California Historical Society.
full size view

A detail from the USC photo above.

A 50s view looking west toward the
Boulevard Theatre from Vermont Ave.

photo: Sean Ault Archives by Osiris Press

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    L.A. Public Library Collection

A photo of the facade of the Boulevard
before the 1925 opening. 
full size view

A nice 1925 exterior view from the Library's collection.
full size view

The facade in 1944. 
full size view

The grand stair to the balcony in a 1925 photo. 
full size view

A 1925 look at the mezzanine level lobby. 
full size view

The rear of the main floor of the Boulevard. 
The Library dates this one as 1937.
full size view

A detail of the proscenium in 1927.
full size view

A balcony level look at the proscenium in 1944. 
Much of the decor was simplified during a 40s remodel.
full size view

A 1966 look at the stage from the main floor.
The theatre had been closed about five years
at the time the photo was taken.
full size view

More interior views in the Library's collection:
| another lobby stairway view - 1945 | balcony sidewall view - 1944 |