Fox Belmont - Long Beach

4918 E. 2nd St.
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Belmont Shore (Long Beach), CA   90803

Opened: 1929

Architect:  Reginald F. Inwood

The exterior of the art deco building takes some of its influence from Aztec pyramids.  The deco interior had a tropical theme with murals of panthers, an elephant and exotic birds. George Gayton was the contractor for the building.

Seating: 800, all on one level.

The Belmont was operated by Fox West Coast Theatres and its successor companies National General and Mann Theatres.  It got a Skouras style remodel, which included a new marquee, in 1949.  The grand reopening was May 19, 1949.

The theatre closed May 6, 1977 with Mann Theatres citing a lack of business. The final film was "New York, New York."

Status: The interior was gutted and the building is now used for retail along the front and the Belmont Athletic Club in the lobby and auditorium spaces.  A second story has been added to the building. It's been a gym since 1980.

More information: See the Cinema Treasures page on the Fox Belmont for fine research by Ken McIntyre and others.

The Belmont is one of many theatres pictured in the Arcadia Publishing book "Theatres in Los Angeles." A 1929 photo is in the book.

The other Fox Belmont: Check out the page for the Fox Belmont off Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles.

    California State Library   

A c.1929 look at the stage end of the building.
 It's from the Library's Mott Studio collection.
full size view 

A look at the full length of the building.
full size view

A night vista of the Fox Belmont.
full size view

An entrance detail from 1929. The theatre is
running "Kitty," the "first imported talking picture."
full size view

The entrance doors c.1929.
full size view

A look down the length of the inner lobby.
full size view

A detail of the tropical themed
lobby wall decorations. 
full size view

A c.1929 look toward the screen.
Note the different colored seats.
full size view 

The rear of the auditorium.
full size view

More from the California State Library:

They have a total of 31 Mott Studio images
in their collection, with a number of duplicates and
alternate takes. They're cataloged as three sets:
| set # 001443795 - 5 views  |
| set # 001386576 - 18 views |
set # 001386417 - 8 views |

The Fox Belmont Theatre in 1951.

photo: Sean Ault Collection

[ click on the photo for a larger view ]

Our thanks to Sean, an eminent L.A. transit historian who also
 has a serious interest in historic theatres. Our main feature at the
time of the photo was "Double Crossbones" with Donald O'Connor.

A recent view of the Fox Belmont building.

photo: Google Maps - 2011

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to Google for an interactive view.

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    Belmont Athletic Club

On the Belmont Athletic Club's Belmont History
page we get this fine color view of the Belmont's
 facade in the late 70s. 
 full size view | on FB/LATheatres

Thanks to Long Beach historian
Michelle Gerdes for locating the photo.

    L.A. Public Library Collection

A 1929 exterior view of the Fox Belmont.
full size view

An undated look at the boxoffice.
full size view

"Your BELMONT Theatre has contracts with
EVERY MAJOR STUDIO. That's why Two, not one,
Top-notch pictures on every program."

A 1939 exterior view with the Belmont running
Josef von Sternberg's "Sergeant Madden"
with Wallace Beery.
full size view

A 1971 view of the Fox Belmont
from the Library's collection.
full size view

Another 1971 view from a bit farther west.
full size view

A 1942 look toward the front of the auditorium.
full size view

Also in the Library's collection:
 |  another 1971 marquee view  |