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Pay your Local Dues through PayPal Below (2.9% + $0.30 Paypal Fee Also Included)   OR    Download Mail-In Form Here
Three Levels of Membership:
  • Ivy Membership - $20.00 [Recent Grads and 50+ Year Members receive 20% off their first year membership. Dues will be paid through 6/30/16]
  • General Membership - $25.00 [Dues will be paid through 6/30/16]
  • Lifetime Membership - $225.00 [Your dues will be paid forever! ]
The Alpha Phi International Fiscal Year is from July 1st to June 30th. Paying at any time during the year will secure your membership until June 30th

Still need to pay your Alpha Phi International membership dues?
Visit the following website to pay Alpha Phi International membership dues:
Alumnae Dues: 3 Good Reasons to Spend $3 a Month
#1: Your youngest sisters are depending on you.

Your collegiate sisters make up only 9% of Alpha Phi’s membership, but are paying 90% of the dues collected. That’s a lot of responsibility on a few very young shoulders!

  #2: Your dues are put to good use.

Your $3 a month creates new social media applications and a complete redesign of, debuting this summer. You keep more than 100,000 women connected through our Quarterly magazine. Click here for a full list of what your dues make possible.  

#3: You’re still enjoying the gifts that Alpha Phi has brought into your life.

“Lifelong friends, valuable skills and incredible memories. Alpha Phi is a part of who you are and who you will always be.

Sharing just $3 a month is the right thing to do, right now, for all the right reasons. Click Here to join the thousands of alumnae just like you, who are ready to step up and help out!



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