I am currently a clinical lecturer in the School of Nursing at the Otago Polytechnic.
This is the second year in this position, and I am hoping that through doing Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Learning and Teaching paper I will become better equipped to be a more confident educator, delivering a flexible, interactive and dynamic learning environment.  (And better able to manage the technology that supports the learning.)  I have now ventured into sharing the site with my 'classmates'  For those who have managed to find themselves on this page,  the picture I have featured is of our new property in Central Otago in a wee settlement called Matakanui, and the home is called GlenlediAn 1875 rough cast mud brick home which I just love and find very hard to leave and return to Dunedin.

This E Portfolio also has other postings from my journey through Flexible Learning and for those who venture into this site please have a look, other wise CONSTRUCTING COURSES TO ENHANCE LEARNING are sub pages to this page.

Lorraine Watson,
Apr 18, 2013, 6:18 PM