Sauer Kraut


Making sauerkraut takes 1 to four weeks.

Initially when I was waiting for the salt to pull the water out of the cabbage I put it all in my Crockpot.  It was perfect for the job initially. I flipped the crock lid upside down and put a weight on it.  I used my flour canister.

Equipment Needed


a plate or something that is non reactive that you can place weights on for the top of the sauerkraut

a weight to keep the plate submerged

5 pounds cabbage

3 tablespoons sea salt

-Chop or grate cabbage, finely or coarsely.  Sprinkle salt on the cabbage, tossing it in. The salt pulls water out of the cabbage and this creates the brine in which the cabbage can ferment and sour without rotting.


-Mix ingredients together and pack into crock. Pack just a bit into the crock at a time and tamp it down hard using your fists. This pressure packs the kraut tight and helps force water out of the cabbage.


-Cover the cabbage with a plate or some other lid that fits snugly inside the crock. Place a clean weight on the cover. This weight is to force water out of the cabbage and then keep the cabbage submerged under the brine. This can take up to about 24 hours.


-Leave in a cool place to ferment or you can keep it in the kitchen (away from heat sources or sunny windows).