Welcome to Loring Remembers, the largest collection of Loring AFB veteran profiles on the web.  History, Multimedia, and even interviews are also here.  This site is dedicated to the thousands of men and women who lived, worked, and served at one of the greatest Strategic Air Command bases in history.  Loring AFB was historical in many respects, and you can find a wealth of information here.  The primary purpose of this site is to catalog as many profiles of those Loring was home to.  If YOU wish to add your profile, just choose "Add Yourself".

      We hope you will be able to reconnect with old friends as our site becomes larger, and maybe also connect with other's you discover.  Check out our Loring-themed desktop wallpaper. Lastly, thank you for your service.  You were a part of history, grand with dignity and key to our nation's security.
Photo:  Loring AFB Arch Hangar, 1953 courtesy of *Colburn, Donald (1953-1955)



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