Principal's Desk

2012 Paynesville Fall

Sports Pep Fest

Students K-12 cheered our Fall Sports Teams as they prepared for their events during homecoming week. Students also danced and competed any a variety of events together as they celebrated being part of our Bulldog Community. Team-Up Members, CHAMP, Band Members and Cheerleaders lead the way with our school song.

Bulldog Volleyball

Our Volleyball Program Shined while their fans cheered them from the stands.



Bulldogs Strive For Excellence


                 Your Choice = Your Future


As we prepare for our next school year,  I would like all students and their parents  to evaluate the courses they have applied for during our scheduling process. Students should concentrate in  stepping up the rigor of their course work and focus on their interest! Challenging courses can reap big rewards for  students as they  move towards their goals.




 Bulldog News Update,

Many Paynesville students have been participating in a variety of activities this summer through our community education program or traveling sport squads. Student-athletes are taking advantage of our fitness facilities as they participate in offseason weight training programs and practices. Our community theatre has presented the musical Annie. This was a great learning opportunity for students to take the stage with community members.  It was a delightful production.  Students who participated in the Costa Rica field trip have returned with many experiences to share. 

I would like to thank and recognize our FFA students, Mrs. Utsch and FFA Alumni members for all their landscaping improvements and yard work just completed in our open classroom areas this summer.  It looks fantastic. This was phase one of a two phase school beautification service learning project.

There have been some other significant improvements throughout the building this summer. We are completing a major overhaul in our kitchen area. It was time to replace many of our original kitchen appliances and our lighting in this area. We have tiled a few classrooms and painted both the choir and landtrans classrooms. 

I believe our students and community groups utilizing our building will agree the three most exciting building improvements this year are the technology upgrades in both buildings. The first is the installation of a completely wireless system.  This will provide four different server access options. There will be a public access option for anyone in the building to utilize on their own electronic device.  The public access will allow for internet connection only. In addition there will be a port for staff, students and then all school owned devices.  All the server access options will continue to be connected and monitored by our Light Speed Chaperon Program and PAS Electronic Device Policies.

Secondly all four student computer labs in the secondary building are now outfitted with new HP8200 PC’s and will be running Windows 7 with the Office 2010 Operating System.  Last but not least our teachers’ will have access to an iPad mobile lab which will be used for classroom activities and projects.

Along with these technology upgrades our MS and HS computer application courses are being realigned. Students will be learning the new Microsoft Office 2010 program but also be exposed to working with other programs such as Google Docs, Prezi, website design applications and many other application programs that will be valuable tools as they move through school to create projects, take notes, research and do presentations. One of our staff goal’s this year will be to expand our use of technology tools such as the iPad and other internet application tools in the classroom to increase student learning, expand student’s relevance  and motivate interest and a stronger understanding of the standards we will are teaching in all academic areas.

In closing I would like to congratulate our students, parents and staff on a job well done. PAMS has been honored and recognized by the Minnesota Center for Reading Research as one of a hundred and thirty six schools being honored in the state of Minnesota for their progress in teaching students to read over the consecutive school years, 2009-2010 and 2010-2011.

Lorie Floura

Principal Paynesville Area Schools