Brooklyn Avenue School


Room B1--Ms. Schindler's Class 

Room13--Mrs. Biron's Fifth Grade Class 

Hello Cyberspacers,

My classroom at Brooklyn Avenue Elementary School in East Los Angeles has some great things going on. My students have visual impairments. They spend most of the school day in general education classrooms, coming to Room B1 to learn specialized skills like reading Braille, using an abacus, or using speech technology such as JAWS or the BrailleNote. If you'd like to know more about what we do and how we work, check out some of the information below.

Reading Braille Movie    Script for Braille Reading Movie


I've started a podcast series providing lessons on how to use the Cranmer Abacus, a style of abacus used by people who are blind, for math computation. It's also a great tool for all teachers who are trying to teach young people about place value and expanded notation. Geared toward elementary and middle school teachers. I hope you enjoy my first two lessons. I've also provided the text of the script for download, if you want to follow the written directions as you listen. Note: the Cranmer abacus is set up differently than a Chinese abacus, so if you'd like to purchase one try the link below:

National Federation of the Blind Online Store  and type in cranmer abacus in the search form field.

Cranmer Abacus1.mp3  Abacus Lesson1.doc

Abacus Lesson2.mp3  Abacus Lesson2.pdf 

Here's a fun link to the kid's page of the American Foundation for the Blind: 

Braille Bug   Try out the Games and Secret Messages link, learn about Louis Braille and Helen Keller, and get a chance to learn a little Braille

Here's a fun rap about the Braille alphabet, from the Helen Keller School in Talladega, Alabama. 

Braille Rap  Link to Braille Rap at APH website