My new book I Shall Not Fear (paperback) will be $7.77 until 7-7-2017 on Amazon after that $8.99.

Lorenzo C Spencer is a minister, author, and poet from Memphis, TN. Memphis, TN is known for Elvis, BB King, and the death of Martin Luther King Jr. There has risen a voice for the people to encourage and lead the people back to God. God called Lorenzo C Spencer from his mother’s womb to carry such a message for today’s time. His works include prayer books for children and adults. Lorenzo shared his thoughts with the world in his book titled A Young Black Man. He is a man of God who was called by God into the ministry to minister to his people.

Jesus is doing a mighty work in Lorenzo C Spencer’s life. Make sure that you are on the lookout for his latest book Everlasting Blessings. In God’s timing, Lorenzo C Spencer will release his previous released books in eBook formats. It will surely take the world by storm when he translates his writings in the near future to other languages so all of God’s people can enjoy his anointed writings inspired by the Holy Spirit.