Lorenzo C. Spencer is an author and poet from Memphis, TN. Memphis, TN is known for Elvis, BB King, and the death of Martin Luther King Jr. There has risen a voice for the people to encourage and lead the people back to God. God called Lorenzo C. Spencer from his mother’s womb to carry such a message for today’s time. He has written poems like Thanks Be to God and Awesome. His work includes prayer books for children and adults. Lorenzo shared his thoughts with the world in his book titled A Young Black Man. He is a man of God who was called by God into the ministry to minister to his people.

From the Author who brought you the free eBook 7 Prayers for Your Spiritual Life and The Power of Prayer a Personal Conversation with God, his latest release is a children book on prayer. It has only been about a month ago that he released his other new book A Young Black Man. Lorenzo C Spencer is obeying God, and he has followed-up with his latest release Blessings for Generations Mother Teach Me How to Pray. Blessings for Generations Mother Teach Me How to Pray is a book written with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

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