I am looking forward to what God has for me in 2020!

Lorenzo C Spencer is a minister, author, and poet from Memphis, TN. Memphis, TN is known for Elvis, BB King, and the death of Martin Luther King Jr. There has risen a voice for the people to encourage and lead the people back to God. God called Lorenzo C Spencer from his mother’s womb to carry such a message for today’s time. His works include prayer books for children and adults. Lorenzo shared his thoughts with the world in his book titled A Young Black Man. He is a man of God who was called by God into the ministry to minister to his people.

Jesus is doing a mighty work in Lorenzo C Spencer’s life. Make sure that you are on the lookout for his latest books as God inspires him to write. The Power of Prayer A Personal Conversation with God, A Young Black Man, 7 Prayers for Your Spiritual Life, and Blessings for Generations Mother Teach Me How to Pray are available in eBook formats. It will surely take the world by storm when Lorenzo C Spencer translates his writings in the near future to other languages so all of God’s people can enjoy his anointed writings inspired by the Holy Spirit.