Lorenzo C. Spencer could remember earlier conversations with his grandmother about what he wanted to be when he grew up. He always would say a preacher. God had called him at an early age. Lorenzo was destined to be great.

Lorenzo was fascinated with the bible characters. He always imagined himself as one of the bible character. He always had a heart for God. Lorenzo used to travel miles just to attend Sunday's service at a young age.


  Lorenzo C. Spencer was given the opportunity to use his God's given gifts at an early age. He read when the preacher asked him to. He later on led in communion all while he was still in his youth. The pastor saw something great in him.


Lorenzo was the song leader ushering in worship before the throne of God. He played small roles in Easter's skits. The anointing of God grew on his life. At the age of 17, he began to preach the word of God.


  It was short lived because the desires for riches of  life overtook him. He drifted off for years but God still had a plan for his life. When he surrendered it all to God, God restored him. God gave him a brighter future.


  Lorenzo C. Spencer is now a ordain minister and elder. Lorenzo is the author of several books which include adult and children books. He is a poet, author, producer, inspirational motivational speaker, and photography.


  The boy who once ran away from God is now a man running toward God. Lorenzo is motivated by God's love. Lorenzo C Spencer is evangelist who purpose is to minister to an unlimited amount of people about the goodness of God. He was chosen by God to proclaim the gospel in this day and time to the massive.



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