Welcome to the project website of the Lorentz Center Workshop:

"Language, Knowledge and People in Perspective"

The workshop will take place from 18-21 April 2017 in Leiden, The Netherlands. More information about the workshop can be found under 'About the Workshop'.

This website is for participants only and is meant to spark and document the debate by:
  • setting out the general framework;
  • defining relevant topics and themes;
  • exchanging ideas and perspectives; 
  • working towards a roadmap.
We hope to incorporate your ideas as much as possible, both before and after the workshop, to be able to work towards a strong model that can be shared across the community. 

Therefore, your input would be greatly appreciated! We encourage you to actively take part in the discussion by posting comments and/or writing a blog that represents your view.

Let's make this workshop worthwhile together!