• July 8. Abuzer Yakaryilmaz will give us some insight on his research line with his talk titled Classical and Quantum Automata on Promise Problems.

  • April 22. Andrés Viso gives us an overview on his joint work with Eduardo Bonelli and Mauricio Ayala-Rincon titled Static Typing for Path Polymorphism.

  • February 18. Bernard Serpette will give us some insight on his recent work titled Computing with collaborative side effects.
  • November 26. Nicolás Passerini and Pablo Tesone will introduce us to this recent work on An Extensible Constraint-based Type Inference Algorithm for Object-Oriented Dynamic Languages Supporting Blocks and Generic Types.

  • November 12. Jose Santos will tell us about his work on information flow analysis titled Enforcing Secure Information Flow in Client-side Web Applications.

  • October 29. Carlos Lombardi will give us some insight on his PhD thesis titled Reduction Space for Non-Sequential and Infinitary Rewriting Systems

  • October 1 & 15. Alejandro Díaz-Caro will tell us about his joint work with Gilles Dowek on Type Theory Modulo Isomorphism.

  • September 3 & 17. Andrés Viso will introduce us to some of the details on proving Strong Normalization for CPP, a type system for a pattern calculus supporting Path Polymorphism. Joint work with Eduardo Bonelli and Mauricio Ayala-Rincón.

  • August 20. Thibaut Balabonski will be opening this new semester's seminar at UNQ with his talk on Semantic Proofs of Correctness For Low-level Concurrent Program Optimisations.

  • June 13. Eduardo Bonelli will present us some recent work by Beniamino Accattoli and Ugo Dal Lago titled Beta Reduction is Invariant, Indeed.

  • May 29. Pablo Barenbaum give us some insight on his recent joint work with Eduardo Bonelli on Optimal Reduction in the Linear Substitution Calculus.

  • May 13. Antonio Bucciarelli joins us for a lecture on Definability and Full Abstraction Problems for Lambda Calculi.

  • March 27. Andrés Viso gives us an overview on his joint work with Eduardo Bonelli and Mauricio Ayala-Rincon titled Typing a Calculus of Patterns Supporting Path Polymorphism.
  • August 23. Ioana Cristescu presents her joint work with Jean Krivine and Daniele Varacca titled A Compositional Semantics For The Reversible Pi-calculus.

  • July 25. Jean-Jacques Lévy revisits his recent talk Understanding Strong Normalisation on his visit to Buenos Aires.

  • June 27. Beta Ziliani visits Buenos Aires and tells us about his recent work on extending Coq with Mtac: a Monad for Typed Tactic Programming.

  • June 6. Andrés Viso gives us a brief introduction on Typing Systems for different Pattern Calculi. The talk is based on Barry Jay's book Pattern Calculus: Computing with Functions and Structures.

  • May 16. Delia Kesner gives us an overview on her joint work with Antonio Bucciarelli and Simona Ronchi della Rocca titled Observability Through Product Types.

  • May 9. Carlos Lombardi introduces us to the theory of Proof Terms as a continuation of his previous talk on equivalences between reductions for Infinitary Rewriting Systems. Further information is available on Term Rewriting Systems (TeReSe) chapter 8.

  • April 25. Gabriela Steren gives us an overview on her work Intuitionistic Hypothetical Logic of Proofs presented on The 6th Workshop on Intuitionistic Modal Logic and Applications (IMLA 2013) last April 7.

  • April 11. Carlos Lombardi introduces us to Infinitary Rewriting Systems and shows some interesting equivalences between reductions. Background information can be found on Term Rewriting Systems (TeReSe) chapter 12 and Infinitary Normalization by Jan Willem Klop and Roel De Vrijer.