Current show:

With the start of another academic year, another round of plays must be set rolling!
The Lords of Misrule are currently looking for an enthusiastic director (with or without an idea for a really fun medieval play) to take on our Autumn production. If you're interested, get in touch at

Auditions will be announced once a play has been found!

About us:

The Lords of Misrule is a drama group connected to the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of York. We put on medieval plays three times a year in a range of languages. Middle English is our main language, but we've branched out into Old Norse, Old English and the occasional smattering of Latin!

We've been going for over forty years, and perform our medieval plays and adaptations of medieval texts. We also perform Early Modern works, often Shakespeare. We are made up of graduate students and associates of the Centre for Medieval Studies.  We take our plays seriously, but we're also a very social group, and one of the best ways to experience medieval drama around!