Some projects I did in faculty & others



Some projects I did in faculty:

·         Order Processing System (8/2006 Java, XML - members  4): it was a college project it aims to learn us:

                      1.       Handling binary, ASCII files and system folders.
                      2.      Using XML parsers.
                      3.      Implementation of MVC architecture in designing system modules.

·         Fox and Rabbit (2/2007 Java): A 2D animated game.

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·         Signal Flow Graph (4/2007 Java – members: 3): A college project. Its purpose was to determines  all loops and paths and output the gain of the system given  the  Signal  Flow Graph  of  an  automatic  control  system.

·         MePdfReader (6/2008 - 11/6/2008 J2ME Java, Servlet - members: 3): Pdf reader for MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.0 phones. MePdfReader works on two modes offline (Convert uncompressed pdf to text) and online (Show pdf pages as images). It also has many features like uploading files to server from phone,and zooming.


·       Network programming using C (many assignments).


·       Order Entry System (12/2008 EJB - members: 2): system allows customers to register, view and buy
products, and on the other hand allow sellers to manage stock.


Projects I did for fun:

·         Appending files (at 7/2007 Java): A java console tool to merge many files into one large file.

·         Network Chat (at 8/2007 Java – members: 2): simple lan chat, we used SVN via eclipse IDE in developing it.

·         DEGMA Image Handler (released at 28/10/2007 Java): It is just a modification for ImageJ 1.39f. I was just aiming to learn from a good written code then be able to edit in it and out with something.

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·         Globe Alarm (at 4/2008 released at 14/4/2008 Android): multiple time zone alarm with analog clock view for who are not familiar with digital clock. I developed it to participate in Android Developer Challenge.
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  Canceled projects:

·         Million File Burner (at 5/2007 C, C++ - members: 3): A CD burner 

·         JStartWord (at 12/2007 Java): A word editor with Ribbon interface like Microsoft Word 2007.

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