Freelancer Account Manager


The freelancer account manager is a program that allows you to manage multiple user accounts of the game Freelancer without having to switch users or editing the windows registry.

The final version has been released. I've corrected all the bugs present on the RC2 version and new features have been added:

  • The link creator tool has been added. It's no longer needed to create the special shortcuts manually.
  • A new installer  has been made. It should no longer give problems to Vista users.
After this one, version 2.0 will be completely revamped. Features I'm looking forward to include are:
  • Ability to read info from a server, and retrieve all the info from the ships on the accounts listed on the program userDB. (Cash, location, ship, loadout, reputation, cargo, map, etc). So it's not necessary to see every ship to know it's stats.
  • A new, redesigned tree-like hierarchical interface.
  • Some things to be requested by popular demand, as usual...

Bug reports will be appreciated. And don't forget to back up the database on first run.



You can Download the Freelancer Account Manager from here: Freelancer Account Manager 1.0 Final Release

More info about Freelancer can be found here