Lora Cavuoto, PhD, CPE

Lora Cavuoto, PhD, CPE

Associate Professor

Director, University at Buffalo, SUNY Occupational Safety and Health Training Program

Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

University at Buffalo

Office: 324 Bell Hall

Phone: (716) 645-4696

Email: loracavu@buffalo.edu

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Training Program

If you are interested in specializing in OSH for your MS program, please visit Program Site to learn more about the training program and funding opportunities.

Research Areas

Physical ergonomics, biomechanics, applications of wearables for workplace safety assessment, physical fatigue monitoring, motor skills training, occupational safety and health, surgical skill assessment

Ergonomics and Biomechanics Laboratory

This laboratory is used for research activities in the area of physical ergonomics, safety and occupational biomechanics. Research in this lab involves the investigation of workplace injury mechanisms, human capacity, and physical performance along with the development and evaluation of ergonomic controls and interventions. In addition, students utilize the laboratory equipment to identify and assess the physical risks of work environments. This laboratory is equipped with a 3D motion capture system, a full body dynamometer system, EMG measurement equipment, a force platform, and data collection and analysis software.

Current Projects:

  1. Reliability modeling of shoulder fatigue and recovery for warehouse operators performing dynamic tasks

  2. Exploring the health and performance benefits of universal design implementation (part of the RERC on Physical Access and Transportation)

  3. Improving post-stroke rehabilitation effectiveness and compliance using smart objects

  4. Human activity recognition to support the development of wearable sensor-based worker safety systems

Recently Completed Projects:

  1. Advancing Safety Surveillance using Individualized Sensor Technology (ASSIST)

  2. Revised force-endurance models for the US workforce

  3. The role of psychosocial factors in worksite wellness program participation

  4. Evaluating the effect of obesity on central drive using near-infrared spectroscopy and the implications for physical work

SurgE Surgery Ergonomics and Human Factors Laboratory

Located on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, this lab provides a location to conduct the human factors experiments for healthcare improvement, with particular emphasis on surgical training and usability evaluations. The laboratory is configured with movable furniture which provides the ability to configure the space as needed to conduct the usability evaluation. Additionally, for use in data capture, the laboratory includes software packages that allow video recording and analysis of video screens at each station, and audio recording and playback from each station. Adjacent to the simulation centers, and part of the Medical School, this lab has space for engineering graduate students and faculty to develop solutions in concert with clinical staff.

Current Projects:

  1. Brain-based metrics for surgical skill assessment and training

  2. Building a better robot-assisted surgery operating room

  3. Use of an augmented reality head-mounted display for laparoscopic surgery

Recently Completed Projects:

  1. Advanced virtual simulation for fundamentals of laparoscopic surgery training and credentialing

Current Lab Members

Yaoyu Fu: PhD student, degree expected 2021

Qian Zhang: PhD student, degree expected 2022

Taylor Kunkes: PhD student, co-advised with Ann Bisantz, degree expected 2021

Saeb Ragani Lamooki: PhD student, co-advised with Jiyeon Kang, degree expected 2021

Lab Alumni

Mojdeh Pajoutan: PhD, 2017

Mahboobeh Ghesmaty Sangachin: PhD, 2018

Zahra Sedighi Maman: PhD, Auburn University, 2018

Amir Baghdadi: PhD, Mechanical Engineering, 2019

Lin Lu: PhD, Auburn University, 2019

Peng-Fei Chang: MS, 2015

Mahboobeh Ghesmaty Sangachin: MS, 2015

Woodrow Gustafson: MS, 2015

Lydia Kocher: MS, 2016

Angel Nardolillo: MS, 2017

Nicholas DiSarno: MS, 2018

Taylor Kunkes: MS, 2018

Cameron Baker: MS, 2020

Yuanyuan Gao: Visiting Scholar, 2018-2019