NEN Services

The Loop has now rejoined the NEN which gives us direct, ultrafast access to the services provided including:

·      *NMIT’s Moodle hosted on the NEN by Catalyst

·        *My Portfolio hosted by Catalyst

·        Faster access to the MoE’s video bridge

·        Scopia - KAREN’s high definition Skype

·        KAREN provides access to 20,000 Internet routes

·        Faster and more direct access to New Zealand digital resources such as the National Library Service, Turnbull Library etc.

·        Access to resources on KAREN and the other 27 advanced research networks (ARN’s) that KAREN peers with.

·        Faster and more direct access to overseas educational digital resources such as NASA and thousands more – just have to find them!

 Schools are also accessing facilities such as NASA, the National Library, Te Papa and other sources of educational resources and we are seeing a rise in desktop video conferencing, skyping and social networking.

 Trial schools get free membership of KAREN for next 18 months? (otherwise $2.75 per student per annum)