Sleeping Bags For Kids



Sleeping Bags For Your Kids

Author: Mary Lorainne

Camping here we come! Kids basically love to stay outdoors and they enjoy going on camping trips with their friends or their parents. We love our kids and we want to let them enjoy. But most of the time we have concerns that bother us like would he be protected from the cold and a whole lot of reasons that sometimes leads us to over react. If your kid is planning to go on a camping trip or just plans to use the sleeping bag in the comfort of the home, you need to consider several factors. The key factors would include but will not be limited to the following: temperature or comfort rating, insulation and shape.

It is important that you choose a sleeping that will keep your child warm especially if your child will be sleeping outdoors. The temperature or comfort rating identifies up to what temperature the bag can accommodate. I suggest that you choose a sleeping bag with the colder rate. Anyways, if your child will be feeling warm he or she could always open the bag a bit for ventilation.

With regards to insulation, there are two types. Sleeping bags with natural or down insulation consist of the fluffy undercoating found beneath the outer feathers of ducks or geese. This basically provides more warmth and is light but if it gets wet, it takes time to dry. Synthetic insulation is made from plastic threads. This is preferred since its cheaper, non-allergenic, dries easily when wet and is easy to clean.

There are basically three shapes of sleeping bags. The mummy bags are narrow on the feet area and widens towards the shoulders then narrows again towards the hood. This type of bag weighs the least and occupies a small space when packed. The disadvantage is that movement is restricted due to the limited space. Rectangular sleeping bags offer more sleeping room but are not a good option for carrying because it is big. The semi-rectangular bags are a cross between the two kinds previously mentioned because it is roomy like the rectangular bag and warm like the mummy bag.

Sleeping bags with synthetic insulation is a good choice for kids. Choose those that wouldn't be too much of a load for him to carry. It is important that your kids will feel comfortable especially if they are not in the comfort of their home. You will have peace of mind knowing that your kid is getting a good night sleep.


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Sleeping Bags For Your Kids