How To Choose

Flashlights and Lanterns

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How To Choose A Camping Lantern

by Brian E. Rooney

     Flashlights are a handy item to have at night.  Flaslights help you find your way in the dark away from camp.  Flashlights help you identify the animals who wander into your camp at night looking for food.  Flashlights just don't provide the illumination to light up your surroundings as does a camping lantern.  A camping lantern is a more practical way to light up your camp.  A camping lantern can be set on a table to allow your hands to be free.  A camping lantern is a better choice to provide light for the camp dinner table.

Flashlight:Choose a flashlight that is water and corrosion resistant.In addition, choose one that is rubberized or made of high density plastic.There are many outdoor camping flashlights to choose from.Be sure to take extra batteries as a part of your outdoor gear.If you want your hands free, you might to consider a headlamp.Most high beam camping flashlights can be purchased for less than $10.

Camp Lantern:We have three choices as to what type camp lantern to choose:

·Fuel Lantern:Fuel lanterns run on “white gas” (Coleman fuel).Fuel lanterns will produce a

clean, bright light.  The only real annoyance with a "white gas" latern is they can be quite noisy. Choose a "white gas" lantern for cold climate camping, it will give off heat as well as bright light.A lantern whether it is Coleman fuel or propane should not be used in a tent due to their flammable nature.  A liquid fuel lantern is a good choice for the avid camper who camps all-year long.

Recommended:The Coleman NorthStar Dual Fuel lantern can operate on Coleman fuel or unleaded gas for convenience.  If you run out of fuel and you can’t find any Coleman fuel close to your campsite, you could find a gas station somehwere close.  Unleade fuel should only be used if you cannot obtain Coleman fuel.  It is equipped with an easy-to-use, matchless electronic ignition. The Insta-Clip tube mantles eliminate the need for tying strings and the globe is protected by a metal guard. This heavy duty lantern burns very bright on high and is still very bright at lower settings.

·Propane Lantern:Propane lanterns are the most popular lanterns due to the screw-on

cannister. Like "white gas" laterns, propane lanterns also produce a strong, clean light.Propane lanterns are easy to use and the propane refills are reasonably priced. If you use a propane camp stove, then you might want to consider a propane lantern.The same could be said for “white gas” fuel lanterns.Propane lanterns are less stable in cold weather.  Propane lanterns are a good choice for someone who camps a few times a year in spring, summer, and fall..

Recommended:Coleman's Two-Mantle Propane Lantern is as good as they come. This lantern is pressure-regulated to control fuel flow to give you consistent light. This Coleman propane lantern lights with a match and has a control knob to let you adjust the brightness and burn time. This lantern should last you a long time due to the porcelain ventilators that will prevent rusting.

·Battery Operated Lantern:Battery operated lanterns don’t illuminate as well as the fuel or propane lanterns.Another drawback is battery life.Battery operated lanterns consume batteries like crazy.A fuel lantern will last 14 hours on one tank of fuel.A battery operated lantern is the only safe choice to use inside of a tent.Rechargeable lanterns are available which charge overnight or plugged into a cigarette lighter.

Recommended:Coleman Full-Size Retro Remote Control Battery Powered Lantern.It has a remote transmitter which operates up to 40 feet away.It comes with a 15 watt fluorescent spiral U-tube for a brighter, whiter light The reflector can direct light upward and outward providing more efficient lighting. (8D Batteries are required)

You should consider a lantern reflector for added illumination and bringing extra mantles on your camping trip.Consider a protective carrying case to protect the glass globe from damage.