How To Choose

A Camping Stove

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How To Choose A Camping Stove

                                             by Brian E. Rooney

For car camping purposes, I am going to concentrate on the two burner camp

stove and not the one burner stove favored by backpackers.Two burner stoves are quite adequate for feeding a small family.This allows you to cook the same meals for your family as you would at home.The newer models are easier to use than the older models.Some models come with electronic ignition.This will feature will save your trip if you forget to bring matches.  There are also some four burner models on the market.

Boiling time is how camp stove manufacturers measure the performance of their stoves.This is done using one quart of water using the recommended fuel determines the boil time. Boil time can range from 2 ½ minutes to 10 minutes at sea level. A mid-range stove with 3 to 5 minute boil time is a good choice. The higher up in altitude you go, the longer it takes to boil water.

A double burner stove has 2 burners that can be run separately or together and at different temperatures. A two burner stove is the best choice to buy when camping with friends or family. Choose a camping stove that comes with a windscreen as this could be critical on windy days. The windscreen will be a lifesaver when the winds begin to blowand getting your stove to light or even to stay lit is almost an impossibility.

There are only two fuel types, "white gas" or propane to choose from and buy.  There are models which use both "white gas" (Coleman fuel) and unleaded gas.  This comes down to what type of fuel you want to use.

·White Gas:  "White gas" is the best choice to choose for year round camping.  Coleman fuel is inexpensive and will burn in any climate.  Propane is less stable in colder weather. After a brief start-up, a "white gas" camping stove will produce an intense heat.Propane tends to be unstable in colder climates.  "White gas" stoves can be more difficult to use than propane.If you run out of fuel, Coleman fuel may be more difficult to find than propane.

Recommended Buy:Coleman 2 Burner Dual Fuel Powerhouse Liquid Fuel Stove  The Coleman stove is equipped with one 13,500 BTU burner and one 11,000 BTU burner. The stove runs on either Coleman fuel or unleaded gas. The unleaded gas feature makes it more convenient to find fuel.  This stove can boil a quart of water in 3.5 minutes. It has a heavy-duty nickel chrome grate for easy cleanup.If you camp year long this camp stove would be the best choice to buy.

·Propane:Propane camping stoves are easier to refuel, since you can just screw the canister on.If you use the propane that comes in disposable small canisters, it can be very expensive.An option is too choose a model which uses a larger propane tank like the ones you see on home gas grills.These can be refilled cheaper.A propane camping stove does not give out as much heat as a "white gas" stove.

Recommended Buy:Century Matchless Deluxe Stainless Steel is a two burner propane camp stove that lights up with a push of a button. No matches.  This is a reliable, clean and simple camping stove to use. This stove features a stainless steel drip tray for easy clean-up and a pressure regulator for consistent performance in all weather. Easily converts to bulk cylinder operation; 24" hose and regulator included; Uses 16.4-oz. propane cylinder.

         If you want to enjoy the same hot meals you do at home, then you should consider a camping stove as part of your basic camping equipment.This would be especially true if you have little or no experience cooking over an open fire.A camping stove can have other useful functions such as tailgating or it can be used in an emergency situation such as a power outage or natural disaster to provide hot meals for you and your family until power is restored or relief comes.