How To Build A Campfire




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How To Build A Campfire

 by Brian E. Rooney

1.Your campfire should at least 10 ft. away from any flammable objects such as tents, overhanging branches, trees, dense dry grass, and other flammable objects if no fire ring is available.

2.Use the existing fire ring and don’t make a new one.Make sure there is no flammable debris such as twigs or vegetation at least 3 ft. from the fire ring.

3.Gather firewood, sticks, and kindling from fallen branches.Firewood should be dry and no more than 3 ft. in length.Sticks will be used to hold fire structure in place and be no more than 1-2 inches in diameter.Kindling is made up small twigs, tiny sticks, pine needles, or anything which will ignite quickly.

4.Put a small amount of kindling into a small pile.

5.Use the sticks to build a pyramid at a 45 degree angle over and around the kindling.Allow some gaps to allow circulation to start the fire.

6.Light the fire with a match.

7.Add more sticks and firewood as the fire begins to grow.Allow space as you add more wood for the fire to breathe.

·Keep fires small.

·Have water available to extinguish the fire properly.

·Never leave a fire unattended.

·Make sure ashes are cold when you leave a fire.

·Use only dead wood lying on the ground. Do not cut live trees, or branches from trees near the campsite.

·Collect firewood far away from your site, so the area will not appear bare and unnatural.

·Start the fire by building a small teepee of dry sticks or twigs, and igniting it with a match.  As the fire gets going, add larger pieces of wood.

·Extinguish all fires by pouring water on them, stirring the ashes and pouring more water.

·Ashes should be cool to the touch before you leave the site.

You might want to bring some firewood along, since most designated camp areas area pretty devoid of wood.A small ax would be handy to have along to split the firewood.