Chicken Fajitas



1 package boneless chicken breasts

1 package fajita mix

1 large onion

2 large green peppers

1 container of sour cream

1 jar of salsa

1 package of 10 (8") fajita shells

shredded cheddar cheese

cooking oil


Cut chicken breasts into thin slivers, and marinate for 15 minutes in the fajita mix.

Slice the green peppers and onion into long slivers, and cook in an oiled pan, or butter, until tender.

Remove the green pepper and onion from the pan, and then add the marinated chicken meat and cook for about 10 to 15 minutes. (It smells great as you cook!)

Warm the fajita shells; they always taste better when warmed. To each fajita, add a sour cream base, some green pepper and onion (brings out the meat flavor), and some chicken; then top it all with salsa and cheddar cheese. Fold up the fajita shell, and enjoy!