Camp Cooking Tips


Camp Cooking Tips

Here are a few campsite-cooking tips that might come handy while cooking up a meal on your camping excursions.

·To avoid using too many utensils, try to cook your food wrapped in aluminum foil.This will leave very little clean up after cooking.

·To make it easier to find and sort through, try to color code everything in your camp kitchen.You might want to for instance keep all items relating to the camp kitchen in green stuff sacks or green bags.

·Mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup in a squeeze bottle is more convenient than they are in a jar or bottle.

·Or save unused condiment packages from fast food places.Also the pre-packaged napkins and plastic silverware are handy too.

·Use simple recipes on your camping trips.

·To make it easier not to lose things, choose the brightest colors you can find.

·Hoagie bread is more durable than sandwich bread which invariably becomes squeezed.

·Or place sandwich bread in a plastic shoe box.

·Freeze water in a plastic shoe box to act as a block of ice in the cooler.

·Use a plastic shoe box to store cheese, eggs, bacon, and so forth.

·Freeze koolaid, water, or Gatorade, they can serve as ice in the ice cooler.

·At night, put ice coolers and food into the car.This reduces the risk of nigh time visitors such as raccoons and bears getting into your food.

·Prepare a checklist of easy recipe menus before you go camping.

·Repackage food you intend on using into plastic or ziplock bags before your trip.This saves a lot of space.Include any directions into bag.

·Take snacks which can double as meals.Trail mix, summer sausage, and string cheese make a filling lunch.

·Learn to measure recipe ingredients with your fingers and hands to perform the function of cups and spoons.

·Take a multi-tool knife instead of just a knife.The pliers can serve as potholders.