Benefits of A Camping Mattress


Benefits of Having a Camping Mattress

by Morgan Hamilton

 There is something about these camps that simply revolts everyone - the uncomfortable sleeping conditions. For some they are the deciding factor, important enough to disuade them from the whole affair of being united with nature for a week. Sleeping in bags can be a hideous thing, it causes back aches, neck aches, let alone the fact that those bags keep slipping so that you spend the whole night being partly uncovered. The second option may be a camping bad: an opportunity, which means that you have to drag the bed to the camp, it takes a lot of space, and may be really heavy. The third option is to have a camping mattress with you.

Are camping mattresses any different, you may ask yourself as a seriously-troubled camper. Well, yes, they can be a bit cosier, but you have to search hard to find the proper type. There are several types of camping mattresses, but not all of them give you the feeling of completion and heavy sleep, which is expected from a sleeping stuff. There are commonplace mattresses. They are with floating air but are quite uncomfortable when it comes to bumping: they make large and uneven bunk, which makes it ridiculous to sleep at all. They are hard to fill up with air as well.

The second type is the inflatable camping mattress, which is somehow easier to inflate. It is cosy, and it takes no space. It can be huddled at the back of your car, and you will never notice it. Inflatable mattresses were somehow expensive in the past, but recently they've come in action, so that there are price discounts. You may find them either in markets or on the Internet. You'd better buy an inflatable camping mattress with a separate pump, as this will ease your life. A separate pump means that you can pump it on the camp itself, and all will depend on your will. It is really easy to pump, it takes about a minute to be ready, and about less than a minute to remove the air.

Queen size mattresses are another good option. They are bigger, and even cosier. Whichever type of camp mattress you choose, make sure it is proper for your needs, and it fits in your tent of course, so that it doesn't stick out of it after pumping with air and expose you to all of nature's pesky pests.

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Benefits of Having a Camping Mattress