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Loominary Pop is a Swiss band from the Geneva area born in 2010. Their style: brit pop-rock sound in the vein of Muse and Coldplay. Currently re-inventing themselves with the French Touch of Phoenix and Lilly Wood and the Prick in mind.

Band Members

Xavier Saint Jy : vocals, keyboards, programming
Yann : guitar
Juan-Pablo : bass guitar


2013: United Distortions

The story starts inUnited Distortions CD cover a world where everything is controlled and 
optimized like in the visionnary book "1984" by James Orwell. A fiction to which our current world is looking like more and more.

Men are tracked using electronic chipsets and legal drugs. Their education maintained to the minimal level by governments in order to better control them. That's when they desperately start a rebellion. After a few illusions of liberty and hope, they end up tearing each other apart in the chaos of a crumbling world.

It is in this universe of revolt, hope and abandonment that United Distortions takes place, going from intriguing pop pictures to catchy rock riffs, developing unforgetable melodies, exploring western atmospheres and lyric drama à la Queen.

You can listen to United Distortions on SoundCloud or on Spotifybuy it on iTunes, or directly to the band.

Listen to: Animal, Renaissance, I Loved You At Your Darkest, Back To Reality, Death Is Nothing At All.



2011: One More Drop

In this album, Loominary Pop travels through space and stars, rock songs and airy atmospheres.

You can listen to One More Drop on SoundCloud, or buy it on iTunes, Amazon, or directly to the band .


2013 : Launch evening of "United Distortions" at Palais Mascotte, Geneva, CH; Music Fest, Montreux, CH; Music Fest, Geneva, CH; Music Fest, Lausanne, CH; Festiv'Ouchy, Ouchy, CH.

2012 : Festival Les Vaches Folks, Divonne-Les-Bains, FR, Music Fest, Divonne-Les-Bains, FR, Music Fest, Prévessin-Moëns, FR

2011 : Launch evening of "One More Drop" at l’ Undertown, Meyrin, CH; Music Fest, Geneva, CH; Les Caves de Beau-Séjour, Versoix, CH

2010 : Fête de l’Espoir, Genève, CH; Festival LesVaches Folks, Vesancy, FR; Les Caves de Beau-Séjour, Versoix, CH

This Swiss band was born in 2010 when Xavier (singer/keybd), Thierry (guitar), Pascal (drums), Vince (guitar) and Yann (bass guitar) decided to create songs in the line of their idols of the international brit pop alternative scene.

The first outcome of their work was a luminous album "One More Drop", released in March 2011.

Despise a growing circle of fan, the band maintained a low number of concerts, preferring to focus on the preparation of a real concept album. During this process, Vince - lead guitar - left the group and a shuffle of roles started, with Yann moving from bass guitar to guitar, and Juan-Pablo joining the band as bass player.

It's in this dynamic context that the band issued "United Distortions" in May 2013. The band started to increase the number of concerts. Animal, an intriguing music video with references to Eyes Wide Shut and Sergio Leone contributed to positionning them as promising band and opened the doors to more venues.

September 2013, encouraged by this growing success, Xavier, Yann and Pablo decided to step up their objectives and work towards more concerts and more songs, resulting in the departure of Pascal and Thierry. The 3 band members also decided to leverage this opportunity to evolve towards the latest French Touch movement, merging their sound with a new electro touch.

On Internet

The band is very active on Facebook and Youtube; they interact widely with their fan base, always looking for ideas and new concepts to explore. For example, on United Distortions, they asked their fans to give them 10 imposed words to write the lyrics of two of their songs: Animal and Renaissance !


E-mail: loominarypop(at)hotmail.com
Phone: +41 79 536 10 70 (Xavier)