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About Me:
My name is Aaren Cravaritis. I am a mother and a professional Children's Librarian. I created this website in the summer of 1998 for families and educators while working as a School Librarian.

"Look to the Books" is a reference to the 1994 movie, "The Pagemaster" and the book based on the film co-written by David M. Kirschner and Ernie Contreras. In this story the Librarian, Mr. Dewey, is a sort of wizard who has the benefit of using his limitless resources to bring books to life, literally. At the end of the story he inspires the young boy to be confident in himself by telling him, "When in doubt, look to the books!"

It was named the American Library Association's "Children's Book of the Year" and went on to be published in 14 languages. This book and the film adaptation dramatize what is exciting and mysterious about the library and what can be found between the pages of a book. This magical story is what inspired me, in part, to become a Children's Librarian.

In an interview with David Kirschner, he reveals exactly when the idea for the story came to him. It was when he took his two young daughters, Alexis and Jessica, to the New York Public Library...

"As we walked in, three sets of Reeboks echoing across that classic marble floor, I began to get very carried away as I explain
ed in a whispered voice everything about the Library. Then suddenly, I realized that there was now only one set of footsteps. When I turned around, both my daughters were standing perfectly still, holding hands. They were clearly in awe; they said to me that they'd never seen so many books before. And then I started remembering what it was like being a child --- and walking into a library for the very first time. It was almost as if you'd set foot into a haunted house or something..... exciting, and yet at the same time, kind of scary. And those aisles --- they just seemed to go on forever! And that's when I thought, 'What a great place to set up a story!'"
Illustration by Jerry Tiritilli



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