Vastu Shastra

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In East Indian Vedic architecture, the home itself can be considered a shrine.  It is not merely a shelter where people rest and eat.  A dwelling is called manushyalaya which literally means "human temple"

Vastu Shastra recognizes a fundamental principle in nature with regard to how it is ordered and reproduced.  A pine cone holds a similar shape and structure as a pine branch, which again holds a similar shape and structure to the entire tree as a whole.

The solar system comprises a series of planets orbiting the sun.  At the microscopic level, the Atom is of a similar appearance and structure.  The human body is similar to the atom or solar system in its construction with the heart and lungs at the center, around which circulate the energies and elements. 

Likewise, a home must also recognize this natural design pattern if it is to be in harmony with the world at large.

  • Is the home situated on the site to maximize the weather's positive influences and minimize negative ones?

  • Is the home aligned with the celestial bodies, particularly the sun and its orbit, but also the moon and stellar constellations?

  • Is the center or core of the home open and well lit, preferably with natural daylight?

  • Are there recognizable building blocks or a design form, so that individual parts or rooms have similar structure and features as the whole building? (Does the pine cone look like the pine tree?)

  • Is the space organized with recognition of different energetic and lifestyle needs for individual occupants?

The goal of Vastu Shastra is to create architecture that not only recognizes humanity as a connected part of the universe but seeks design that actually makes that bond felt more strongly.

Talor supports, encourages, and utilizes this system by which the design and construction of buildings are done with intention, deliberation, and conscious choice. 

We are currently able to provide designs for all 50 States and select places internationally.

To discuss a project or inquire about our services call toll free 844-920-9377.