1. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR DOG!  You are responsible for reading their behavior and warning signs to avoid any aggressive behavior.
  2. Always pick up after your dog.  Feces is not only unfortunate to step in, but can spread disease.
  3. Leaves toys and outside objects at home.  Dogs can become jealous or guard toys and this can lead to aggressive behavior.
  4. Your dog should be up to date on vaccinations, including bordatella to guard against kennel cough.
  5. Your dog should be current on flea and tick preventative.
  6. Always bring a bowl or container to provide water for your dog to drink.  Do not allow your dog to drink standing water, this can spread disease.
  7. First time visitors should visit the park at off peak hours to allow their dog to get used to the park without having a large number of dogs there.
  8. Keep moving once you enter the park.  move immediately away from the gated entrance and into the park.  the best way to do this is to keep moving and your dog will come with you.  Do not allow a dog to become cornered as this will result in them feeling threatened.  
  9. Do not enter the double-gated entrance or exit if another dog is using it.  only one dog owner and their dog(s) is permitted in that area at one time. 
  10. Children are not encouraged at the park for their own safety.  If children visit the park, they should be educated on how to appropriately interact with dogs that are not their own.
  11. Dog treats are permitted in the park for training purposes.  The owner should feed directly to their dog and keep treats in an airtight container in the owner's possession while not in use.  
  12. Remember this is something new for your dog and they may behave differently than you are accustomed to.  PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR DOG and be aware of when they begin to act aggressively, defensively, or play inappropriately with other dogs and act to correct the situation.  If the situation cannot be corrected, remove your dog from the park immediately.