A call to Long-term Mission:
Christian families, couples and individuals can approach Mission International if they have a call to serve God in the developing world.   Their call may be to serve in a professional capacity e.g as a dentist or a doctor or a builder for a period of a year or more, or they may wish to be involved in a local church or Christian organisation to deliver preaching, teaching and/or training in support of work already in place, or it may be that they have a new ministry to set up and deploy.   If that is the case them Mission International would like to hear from you.   Of course there are various implications in terms of resources, personnel and costs which need to be worked through, however we are keen to see God's call being implemented in the lives of Christian believers wishing to serve in the developing world.

Things to consider:
Those wishing to consider an opportunity with Mission International should consider the following:
  1. Identifying the call:   God's call to Mission is of prime importance.   Those wishing to go must be clear on their call and the resultant vision that emerges from that.   Discussing this with trusted friends and spiritual oversight is important, and so we would encourage those seeking opportunities with Mission International to do this before approaching us.   You may like to discuss the length of term to which you wish to commit so that you have had an opportunity to discuss this at length in advance too.
  2. Involvement of the home church:   Your local church leadership, should be informed of your call and any vision you have in order that they can help you with this.   It may also be helpful to discuss with the church any support they can offer in terms of prayer cover, counselling and financial support when you are in the field.
  3. Who will support us?   Fundraising and support raising, whether in prayer of financial support, are key to any successful mission deployment.  Of course we believe that when God calls he also supplies and so faith is required; however part of that faith is expressed in sharing with church, friends, family and others will open doors to support of all sorts support and will engage people in standing with you in whatever way they can during your deployment.
  4. What to do about assets we have?  What do we do about our jobs, our house, our pensions and other assets?   Should I write a will?  These questions, and others, should be discussed and settled in advance of going out on mission for longer periods of time.  Some might prefer to sell up and fund their mission in this way, others may feel that they want to rent their home and raise other funding to support them on mission.  What ever you decide should be done in discussion with church leaders, supporters, friends, family and Mission international.
  5. What happens in an emergency?  It is advisable to have the appropriate insurances in place well in advance of travel.   Mission International can advise where to seek information on this.   You will also need to look at various tactical measures to put in place for emergency medical and other emergencies.
  6. Others to consider:  When someone goes off on mission generally there are those who will be left behind. These family and friends should be kept informed as the process of planning and preparation is put in place.   You may find that some of those have special skills that can help you too, like producing some advertising materials, helping update a website or blog, helping with on-going fundraising or holding a regular prayer group to support you before and after you have gone as well as keeping you informed with news of how things are at home.   This network of support is crucial for anyone wishing to serve abroad and should be in place well in advance of any deployment.
Ideas of glamour attached to mission are soon dispelled when the hard work begins, either at home in the planning time or when you hit the dusty road somewhere in the developing world.   Anyone who is called to go on mission should examine their deeper motives and be sure that they do not seek any glory to themselves but seek to bring glory to God as a result of their service and devotion to Him.