The Shanghai LongTerm Culture Media (LT) company was founded  to facilitate communications training for individuals and management.  A multitude of training topics and formats are offered, all primarely based on customer needs and training demands. our training facilities are conveniently located in down to International expansion of medium sized enterprises located in the Yangze River Delta economic western suburban zone.

There are three broad areas of Services LT offers:

  • Providing the necessary preparation and training for cross cultural and language challenges
  • Organize and facilitate International business study and cultural exchange programs
  • Lifestyle improvement training, coaching and special events
Additionally, in the western suburban areas of Shanghai, LT provides a social support platform to develop, maintain and expand friendship and cultural competencies and prepare for:
  • international careers, advancement and self improvement
  • SME globalization strategies and expansion commerce
  • World Expo in 2010 preparation and cross cultural development
Our Qingpu based regional Training Facilities are open daily: 10:00 - 21:30 (Monday Closed)

For current Training Sessions and Events please contact our
Hotline (021) 6920 4385 or email

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