Mac Bride

In the light  of decreasing employment  opportunities in Northern Ireland and on  a global scale,  and in order tp  guarantee equal access to regional employment the undersigned (i.e. the sponsors) propose  the   following   equal  opportunity/affirmative  action principles.


1:    Increasing   the   representation   of   individuals   from underrepresented  religious  groups  in  the  workforce including managerial,  supervisory,  administrative, clerical and technical jobs.


A workforce is severely unbalanced may indicate prima  facie that full equality of opportunity is  not being afforded  for segments of the community in Northern Ireland.  Each signatory to MacBride principles must take every reasonable,  lawful effort to increase the representation  of the under-represented  religious groups at all levels of its operation in Northern Ireland.


2:  Adequate  security  for the protection  of minority employees both at the workplace and while travelling to and from work.


While total security can be guaranteed nowhere  today in Northern Ireland,  each  signatory to  the MacBride  Principles  must make reasonable  good   faith  efforts  to  protect   workers  against intimidation  and physical  abuse at  the workplace.  Signatories must also make reasonable good faith efforts to ensure applicants are not deterred  from  seeking employment  because  of  fear for their personal security at  the workplace or  while travelling to and from work.


3:  The banning of provocative religious or political  emblems at the workplace.


Each  signatory to  the MacBride Principles must  make reasonable good  faith  efforts  to  prevent  the  display   of  provocative sectarian emblems at their plants in Northern Ireland.


4:  All job openings should be publically advertised  and special recruitment efforts should be made to attract applicants from the under-represented religious groups.


Signatories to the MacBride principles must  make special efforts to  attract  employment  applications  from  the  section  of the community   that  is  substantially   under-represented   in  the

workforce.  This should not be construed to imply a diminution of opportunity for other applicants.


5:  Lay-off,  recall,  and  termination procedures  should not in practice favor particular religious groupings.


Each  signatory to  the MacBride principles must  make reasonably good   faith  efforts  to  ensure  that   lay-offs,   recall  and termination procedures  do  not penalize  a  particular religious group disproportionately.   Lay-offs  and  termination procedures that  involve  seniority  solely  can  result  in  discrimination against a particular  religious group if  the  bulk  of employees with  greatest  seniority  are  disproportionately  from  another religious group.


6: The abolition of job reservations, apprenticeship restrictions and differential employment  criteria,  which discriminate on the basis of religious or ethnic origin.


Sigatories to the  MacBride principles must  take reasonable good faith efforts to  abolish  all  differential  employment criteria whose effect  is  discrimination  on the basis  of religion.  For example,  job  reservation  and  apprenticeship  regulations that favor relatives of current or former employees  can, in practice, promote religious discrimination  if the  company's workforce has historically been disproportionately drawn from another religious group.


7:  The  development  of  training  programs  that  will  prepare substantial numbers of  current  minority  employees  for skilled jobs,  including  the  expansion  of  existing  programs  and the creation  of  new programs  to  train,  upgrade,  and improve the skills of minority employees.


This does not imply that such programs should not be open  to all members of the workforce equally.


8:  The establishment  of  procedures  to  assess,  identify, and actively  recruit  minority  employees  with  the  potential  for further advancement.


This section does not imply that such procedures should not apply to all employees equally.


9: The appointment of a senior management staff member to oversee the  company's affirmative action  efforts and the setting  up of timetables to carry out affirmative action principles.


In addition to the above, each signatory to the MacBride principles is required to report annually to an independent monitoring agency on its progress in the implementation of these principles.