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About Senior Year Network

The Nassau County Senior Year Network is collaboration between the Nassau County High School Principals' Association and Hofstra University's Center for Secondary School Administrators and Supervisors. The network is supported each year by the Nassau BOCES Perkins Funds Consortium.
Over the past ten years the network has sponsored conferences and workshops to address expressed needs of member schools.  Workshops have included: training by the Far West Senior Project Group in basic Senior Project components; training in internship development and implementation by Internship Quest; and a series of workshops on The Nuts and Bolts of Senior Projects and Assessing Student Work
For the past nine ten years the network has coordinated a Sharing Student Work conference, which serves as an opportunity for students to share the progress they have made on their Senior Year Projects with their peers and with interested adults.             

Each year a directory is created and disseminated to serve as a resource to all member schools.  The directory includes a list of the member schools and a brief description of their program.  The principal and contact individuals are provided to facilitate communication within the Network.


Through participation in the Network, member schools are able to:

  • Learn about innovative approaches to improving the senior year experience

  • Receive individual  and network support for program exploration and implementation

  • Share implementation strategies as their programs develop

CONTACT US – For Further Information and to join the email list. 

Joan McLachlan, jemclachlan@comcast.net
Network Consultant  
Telephone/Fax:  508 957-2029

Mathew M. Mandery, Ed.D, mmmandery@aol.com
Director, Nassau County Senior Year Network   
Telephone:  (516) 735-8571

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