The Story of "Bob" and "Sue"

A Story about 'Susan' and 'Bob', two fictional people suffering from OCD:
 'Bob' loves his job, but his OCD is getting in the way. His job performance begins to suffer, and his boss starts to lose patience.                                                      
'Susan' loves her job, but her OCD is getting in the way. Her job performance begins to suffer, and her boss starts to lose patience.                                            
Bob talks to his regular counselor, who tries to learn about OCD by reading about it in old grad school textbooks, and tries the wrong, scary techniques. He spends time 
 talking with his trusted counselor, snapping rubberbands on his wrist, listening to relaxation tapes, and taking anti-anxiety drugs like Xanax & Valium. Nothing works.      
Susan meets with an OCD behavioral therapy specialist, who identifies her problem  areas, and  sets up  the correct, non-threatening  treatment plan.                         
Bob waits a week until his next counseling session, and gets more frustrated at not getting any better.                                                                                                         
Susan goes home and follows the easy instructions daily, and makes remarkably fast progress .                                                                                                             
Bob struggles with the wrong therapies for years, and his OCD just keeps getting worse.                                                                                                                           
Susan practices her therapy excercises daily, meets with her behavioral therapist weekly for more advanced help, & recovers in just months.                                       
Bob's uncontrolled OCD causes him to lose his job, and he retreats into a deep depression at home.                                                                                                         
Susan's job performance improves dramatically, and she gets a promotion and a raise.                                                                                                                            
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