OCD Therapist Warren Barlowe

                                                                          WARREN BARLOWE
                                       OCD BEHAVIORAL THERAPY COACH / PERSONAL TEACHER
(631) 486-4818  

Warren Barlowe is a behavioral therapist who, for 25 years, has helped over 400 people recover from OCD, using daily Exposure-And-Response-Prevention CBT behavioral therapy. He has helped them to eliminate unwanted compulsive thoughts and behaviors and return to 'normal' lives.by listening to them and giving them personal daily behavioral therapy homework assignments, and teaching them how to control their emotions and prevent relapses using Rational-Emotive Therapy (RET).
   Mr. Barlowe also has OCD himself, so he understands the struggle in a way most other professionals cannot. He is very empathetic to the pain his clients are in. He himself has recovered through Exposure-And-Response-Prevention behavioral therapy, so he knows what it feels like to be the person going through this process. He is very careful to design even the easiest therapy assignments at precisely the comfort level the client can handle, so they won't stop therapy because "it's too hard".
   Most people in therapy for OCD also feel they get a lot of help from either non-addictive SSRI antidepressant medications, or a natural vitamin called Inositol that works just as well. Parents of many of his teenage clients used this vitamin instead of meds.  Mr. Barlowe does not prescribe these  himself, but refers people to expert OCD psychiatrists for the medications that will help them complete their recovery process.
  He has worked with clients with OCD who were living in hospitals, group homes and with their parents and has helped them move out to more normal lives. He has worked with people in Western Canada and in Brazil by phone to help them recover. He has helped children with OCD to function and perform better in school, and has helped single and coupled OCD sufferers to find and live happier, more satisfying lives. He has saved several marriages from breaking up because of OCD.  He has earned the appreciation of the local Mental Health Association for running a free support group where, for over 20 years,  hundreds of people with OCD have found comfort, encouragement and strength.

His professional training included Masters' level Social Work courses at State University of New York at Stony Brook, and a supervised Behavioral Therapist internship at Peninsula Counseling Center's Phobia Clinic under psychologist Dr. Raymond Lightstone PhD. Mr. Barlowe also did an internship in Crisis Counseling at Long Island Crisis Center. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Special Education, and keeps up to date on the latest research in OCD by attending professional conferences and reading. In 2006 he was invited to speak on a WUSB FM radio special about OCD and phobias. He has spoken to the students of four graduating classes at the Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine during their Orientation on the personal experience of dental phobia. He explained the process of dental phobia therapy, and how to work with dental patients struggling with OCD. Barlowe also presented in-service training on OCD to staff at Kings Park Psychiatric Center while it was treating these people. He was awarded the New York State Senate LIBERTY AWARD for Humanitarian service.

Anyone who wants to better understand this struggle can call him, free of charge, at (531) 486-4818.

WEEKLY OCD BEHAVIORAL THERAPY {Client receives homework assignments to practice daily.)
Your investment is $90.00 US per weekly session worldwide.
Exposure-and-Response-Prevention Behavioral Therapy is the Natural
treatment of choice and you can learn to do it at home or at your school or office or

Some notes from people I have helped:

Oct. 25, 2006

  You have been wonderful.
 Your words of wisdom have done wonders for us as a family as well.
 Thank you, thank you!
 Brianna feels great about herself after this evenings' session by the way!
Have a nice nite.
  Sincerely,  Nicole Manetta =)    West Babylon, NY

  I was just reading your member directory information...And wanted to tell You, that I Admire you very much in the work you are doing to help people...My daughter had this problem at one time, but I had no idea what she was suffering from...I am sending You My Deepest Compassion !!!  If there is anything I can do, please e-mail me back and let me know...This world needs so many  more people like yourself that gives with such wamness....God has given us so much and most all  other people seem never to care...   Have a Great Day !!  -Mary"

"Oh my God! You may have hit the nail on the head. Thank you so much..... I just looked at it after an obsession was in my head not  to finish my dinner. These mental obsessions stick with me ALL day and  there is no compulsion to rid them, now I think you just told me  how! Thank you so much."

"You are so right! Once I found a therapist who understood that my thoughts were, in essence, my ritual, we began to work on me resisting those thoughts or redirecting or ignoring my thoughts. Once that "light bulb" went off in my head, I began to get better, very quickly. I can relate to that WHAMMO experience you had."

"I believe the key is having a therapist who really understands OCD and all of its subtle nuances. It can take many different forms and a good therapist will get creative and tailor a program to fit the client."

Dec. 6, 2006
Dear Mommy: I'm really happy about something. You know what I'm happy about? I'm happy about conquering my  OCD. I'm soo happy I think it's finally over. I can't believe it. IT'S  FINALLY  OVER, but there's only one thing  that I have left: my behavior toward you and [my sister]. I know you don't like it when I apologize, but you don't  know how great I feel. I'm doing no OCD "moments" in school. I feel WONDERFUL, and GREAT and I could not have  done it without you and [my sister], Daddy, Rosie, Grandma & Grandpa. I love you! Thanks!    -Brianna; 12; West Babylon, Long Island NY

Hi Warren!  My wife was happy when I called her to tell her the session we had went well.
We both thank you!!!!!!   I already listened to your tape twice. You have an extremely great talent and I am very fortunate to have met  you!!!!   I'll see you Monday!
 G-d bless you and please hit the lottery.

"Hi Warren
  Thanks for thinking of me.  You haven't heard from me b/c I have been doing very well OCD wise. Am enjoying the fruits of the work we have done. Have been doing my best to catch any "slips".   Was telling my family how amazing it is to be able to enjoy things, appreciate them as they happen and not have to run to the bathroom all the time to wash my hands. I told them you have no idea how much simpler life gets when you are able to use a public washroom without feeling totally contami- nated all day.
  They asked what happened to cause all this "recovery". I told them it was working with you.
  I said I had read all about the things to do to get better but your telephone therapy coaching really made it happen. Thanks for that.
  I still think they have a hard time truly appreciating how far I have come but I guess that is partly my fault b/c I hid so much from them. Truly I don't think they could have handled any more. You are the only one, along with me, who can truly appreciate the progress.
  Have noticed that my brain seems to be freeing up a little more as I am able to listen to people in a conversation. Feel more like I am there during it if you know what I mean. Still working on that.
I do try to keep up on the tools I have learned by reading, once in a while so as not to research it to death, the internet.  I am at the end of my to-do list. Only two things items left. Have broken them into steps and working on them."
-Deb B., Saskatchewan Province, Canada