15 minute therapy

Recession-busting inexpensive $50 therapy sessions are equally as effective as regular 1-hr sessions, for those who have already completed their OCD behavioral therapy, and just need extra "brush-up"s for a slip-up or relapse.
If you just need personal, affordable weekly "brush-up" 15-minute updates for your Exposure-and-Response-Prevention Behavioral Therapy script or voice recorder instructions, from Warren Barlowe (OCD Behavioral Therapist with over 20 years' OCD experience) -
    - without 'warm and fuzzy' emotional support/encouragement
    - without home visits
    - without explanations of how therapy works or what OCD is....
- then call me at (631) 486-4818 and let's schedule the Lowest-cost OCD CBT 'brush-up' therapy in America for YOU!
It really takes me only about 15 minutes of the usual 1-hour therapy session to actually evaluate your weekly progress and give you just your next week's personal therapy instructions. So why pay for the whole hour if you don't need it?
This is designed specifically for people who have already completed their OCD behavioral therapy and just need extra "brush-ups". The traditional, effective 1-hour sessions are always still available for the regular fee.