Did you know that every summer Hofstra University offers several teacher education courses that are endorsed by FAME and AOSA? Did you know that LIAOSA offers scholarships for these courses? For the summer session of 2022, Hofstra University will be offering courses such as Orff Schulwerk Level I, Orff Schulwerk Level II, and Conversational Solfege - Beginning Music Literacy. All 2021-2022 LIAOSA package members are eligible for one of our two scholarships, entitled the "Long Island American Orff Schulwerk Association Larry Wheeler Memorial Scholarship", and "Tonya Dubeansky Memorial Scholarship". Funds are subject to the number of applicants.

Be sure to click the link below to access the 2022 LIAOSA scholarship application and email the completed form to Terry Bendel, president at:

All applications must be received by Friday, April 29th 2022.