The photographs, in the file below, are a random selection taken from the archives of Longhorsley Local History Society. There are presently almost 900 photographs in the archive, which go back in excess of one-hundred years, covering all aspects of village life.

We have endeavored to describe the photographs accurately and wherever possibly name the people captured. However, you will appreciate, it has not always been possible. We may have some people, if only a very small minority, incorrectly named, for this, we apologise. Some of the names have been given to us by others who believed they could remember the person, but age and time, create unhappy deceptions with memory. Any mistakes so made are not intentional.

Most of the photographs have been donated to us by local people and are from their own family albums. Many of the photographs were taken by inexpensive, small hand-held cameras, intended for snapshot use only, consequently some photographs may not be of the highest quality also because of restrictions on available space a further reduction in size/quality was necessary, however, we believe it is more important to have a record, regardless of quality, than a record at all.

If we are unsure or do not know the person, we have recorded that person as not known (NK). If anyone can name or can correct our errors please let us know. We aim to keep all the records accurate that are stored in our archives.

To view, the photographs click on the file below.