Private Longhorn Family Bootcamp

Private Longhorn Family Bootcamp has been canceled due to lack of interest and participation at Longfellow Elementary School for the first annual Private Longhorn Family Bootcamp! This event is modeled after traditional army style boot camps and will help raise money for United Through Reading.


What can we expect during this family fitness day?

1) Military bootcamp style exercises led by current and past military personnel.
2) A fun healthy way to spend the morning with family and the Longfellow community.
3) FUN, t-shirts, Private Longhorn dog tags, raffles, food, refreshments and more!

About Us

The Service Over Self group at Longfellow Elementary School fosters an ethic of service and giving to others. Students are learning to be responsible citizens in their school, community and world through a variety of learning experiences and service projects. The main focus this year will be supporting military troops and their families.We have been raising awareness in our Longfellow students about the branches of the military and our veterans, communicating with Army troops by creating artwork and writing cards, and participating in service projects to support the United Through Reading organization.

We are working to support the United Through Reading program.  The mission of United Through Reading is to connect deployed military members with their families at home. Created in 1989, this nonprofit organization offers deployed parents the opportunity to be videotaped reading storybooks to their children, which eases the stress of separation, maintains positive emotional connections and cultivates a love of reading.