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November 11  | How Did Your Gardens Grow?/ Garden Club Nov 11

Discuss topics to cover next year, tips and thoughts from your garden, along with a dessert potluck!   

It’s true that this year’s spring and summer weather has been described as some of the most pleasant we’ve experienced recently - flowers, especially, bloomed fabulously. 

Yet, vegetable gardeners will have noted the effects of June’s cloudy weeks, the super heat in July-August, and cooler than usual days that followed such that, for example, tomatoes and squash set fruit erratically. What did you notice, good and bad, this season? Bring your tricks for overriding the weather and your garden questions to this month’s meeting. We’ll also brainstorm activities and topics to cover next year, along with a dessert potluck!   

7 pm - Epworth Methodist Church 3207 37th Ave. S. Minneapolis

January 14  |  Tiny Diner Farm  |  Koby Jeschkert-Hagen, Manager

7 pm - Epworth Methodist Church 3207 37th Ave. S. Minneapolis

Learn about an urban farm in the Longfellow area.  The Tiny Diner Farm supplies the neighborhood and Tiny Diner restaurant with local, chemical-free, produce while increasing soil fertility, natural habitat for our pollinators and urban wildlife, and offering re-skilling workshops.

Links: Farm Blog | Tiny Diner Restaurant

February 11  |  Planning Your Garden  |  Panel Discussion

7 pm - Epworth Methodist Church 3207 37th Ave. S. Minneapolis

A panel of local garden experts will provide advice on choosing annuals to support pollinators; designing a cutting garden and adding plants to your garden for impact and interest.

Links to resources mentioned in the discussion:

Posters with photographs of native plants and pollinators (from the Wild Ones site)

Checklist of Common Invasive Plant Species
Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District

U of M Bee Lab Pollinator Plant Guide by Elaine Evans

Pollinators of Native Plants by Heather Holm

March 11  |  Roses  |  Dr. David Zlesak 

7 pm - Epworth Methodist Church 3207 37th Ave. S. Minneapolis

Roses: Have you hesitated to bring a rose or two into your garden life, or had difficulties caring for roses?  Learn about no fuss roses.

Our March speaker, Dr. David Zlezak is an associate professor of horticulture at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. He has been breeding roses since 1984, and has introduced the Oso Happy™ series of roses through Proven Winners and has a hardy apricot-colored climber coming out through Bailey Nurseries.  He coordinates the northern Earth-Kind Rose Trials and continues work with colleagues at the University of Minnesota in researching new rose viruses and resistance to black spot disease.

In his presentation, Dr. Zlezak will introduce us to the improved rose varieties and features that have come about in very recent years. He will describe the Earth-Kind field trials that prove a rose’s hardiness, pest tolerance, and outstanding bloom, all while being grown without commercial fertilizers, little to no pesticides and fungicides, and minimal pruning and other maintenance. Roses in this trial are commercially available, some have been for many years. He will also bring us up-to-date about the current state of virus and disease resistance in roses.

Roses could be in your garden picture after all! 

Master Gardeners: this talk fulfills education hours criteria, is easy to get to and is a great way to start the garden season.


Our speaker provided these handouts and has generously shared them with our garden club.

Growing Roses

The Cutting Edge in Hardy Landscape Roses

April 22  |  Wise use of Water  |  Dr. Peggy Knapp And Silent Auction! 

Auction start 6:45, Talk start 7:10 pm - Epworth Methodist Church 3207 37th Ave. S. Minneapolis

Water, Water, Water critical resource for life and essential for a productive garden.
Dr. Knapp will talk about sustainable water practices, Minnesota's greatest resource, Minnesota's impaired waters, and the Master Water Steward program.
April is our silent auction event. This annual fundraiser provides the resources we need to replenish our speaker fund. Please bring garden-related items for the auction and prepare to take a few treasures home.

Auction slips: auction slips and protocol

May 30  |  Plant Swap | High Noon

Longfellow Park at 34th Street and 36th Ave. 
Look for our RED balloons at the north end of Longfellow Park, 

near the intersection of 34th Street and 36th Ave!

Beginning at 11:00 am, you are welcome to bring plants.
Swapping plants starts at 12:00 noon. (Note: Plants are mostly gone by 12:30.)

All traces of the Swap will disappear by 1 pm.

Swap rules: label what you bring, donate a few dollars if you take plants but don't bring any, 
take home any of yours that are left.

June 10  |  Mushrooms  |  Barry Beck

7 pm - Epworth Methodist Church 3207 37th Ave. S. Minneapolis  
Barry Beck is the   Past President  Minnesota Mycological Society minnesotamycologicalsociety.org   and he will present  Mushrooms 101 on how to get started mushrooming, growing and enjoying these wonderful fungi. These wonderful delicacies are not just in the wild wood.

August 12  |  Dining in the Garden (Potluck) 6:30 pm

Bring your dish to share, plate, utensils, and appetite.
  The location will be posted on the doors at Epworth 3207 37th Ave. S. Mpls. MN  at 5 pm, it is a very short walk to the garden.