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80 Acres of tulips


Should I buy that $5.00 orchid

Martha Duckert

Claire Kari



Feb. 22

(Mother Earth Gardens)

longfellow classes will take place ACROSS the street from Mother Earth Gardens, at the Riverview Wine Bar: 3745 42nd Ave S, Minneapolis 55406

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Mother Earth Classes


March 9

perennial, vegetable, herb and bedding plants from seed. Different types of seeding mixes, trays, lighting needs, etc. Including timing for seedlings to be ready for the  normal growing season and info on which seeds do best if they are  direct seeded.

Theresa Rooney

April 13

Sustainable Lawns and Silent Auction

Growing a healthy lawn in Minnesota can be challenging.  learn how to create a healthy, environmentally friendly lawn.  

Dr. Sam Bauer, UMN, Turf Sci Dept.

May 11

Plant Swap TBD

Harvesting Rainwater with Creative Outcomes

Plant swap

Roxanne Stuhr, TrueNature Design

June 8

Pest management

Julia Vanatta and Marilyn Jones

July 13

Garden tour

Beautiful Longfellow Gardens

August 10

Garden potluck

September 14

Landscaping for native wildlife habitat

Erica Hoaglund (DNR)

October 12

Garden Chat and 2017 planning

El Norteno

November 9

Mother Earth Open House

At Mother Earth Garden Center

January 13, 2016  |   Happy Orchids and Tulip Trips  |  Claire Kari and Martha Duckert

Longfellow Garden Club kicks off 2016 with a wonderful Jan. 13 meeting offering mid-winter topics to intrigue and delight–whether our yards have 6 inches of snow or 6 feet !

Garden shops, groceries and home stores offer us racks and racks of tempting orchids, colors galore. Claire Kari will bring us her methods and tips for keeping your orchid’s bloom happy and fresh, since many orchid bloom times are measured in months. She’ll show what signs to look for when choosing an orchid, and which to avoid. If you are interested in re-bloom, Claire has a passion for ways to achieve it.

Martha Duckert will give us a photo tour of her bike and barge trip through Holland this past Spring. Highlights: the living museum of the Hortus Bulborum garden, which shows the story of tulips as first introduced into Europe through the tulip mania of Rembrandt’s era; fields of tulips and other spring bulbs in the 80-acre Keukenhof Gardens, a showplace where commercial growers compete to display their most glorious varieties; and, an amazing adventure through FloraHolland, the world’s largest international flower market where millions of plants and blooms from throughout Europe are auctioned each day.

The meeting begins at 7pm, Wed., Jan. 13, at Epworth United Methodist Church, 3207 37th Ave. S.. Meetings are free and open to everyone.