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The inception of Longevitology originated from the teachings of Dr Lin Tze-Hung, a medical practitioner in Los Angeles, California. It was based upon the utilisation of the adjustment of healing energy via the chakras of the body in order to promote wellbeing and combat illness.

The founders of Longevitology, Teachers Lin Tze-Chen and Wei Yu-Feng refined the concept further with the knowledge gained through clinical bedside experiences to further develop the theory and method into a practice that is easy to learn, fast acting and effective upon oneself as well as on others. Today, they travel globally to pass on their teachings free of charge to students.

The first class in Sydney, Australia was held by Teacher Wei in 2008 to a class of 79 students. Thereafter, the first volunteer adjustment centre began operations to service those in need. To date, 12 subsequent beginner and intermediate classes have been held as well as 4 advanced classes. The coverage has expanded to five adjustment centres, promoting healing and improvement to thousands of adjustees in Sydney.

Longevitology (Chang Sen Xue) Sydney Inc, is a registered Association since 2015. Its volunteers offer chakra adjustment sessions that promote wellbeing. It is a financial and obligation free service provided to all members of the public.

We are not professional medical personnel and will not provide medical directives or advice. It is strongly recommended for adjustees to follow treatment plans from qualified medical professionals.

It has been demonstrated from past experience that using learnings of Longevitology, adjustment sessions from our trained volunteers promotes health and benefits the management of pain from injury or disease.