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UPDATE: Unfortunately, the saga died after only three sessions due to lack of players. I hope to rekindle it, one day...


Welcome to Virtusaga, home to  the virtual tabletop saga The Wendish Campaign. From here you can access all things related to this saga, so if you're a player you'd want to browse the site.

The Wendish Campaign tells the tale of the covenant of Rethra in the 12th century, as winds of change blow through the lands of the pagan Wends. Christianity is on the rise, with its peaceful preachers and violent crusaders, and the primeval forests of Germany face growing mundane encroachment. Rethra, an ancient but nearly forgotten pagan temple, will play a key role in future events, and the actions of its members may determine the future course of the entire Rhine Tribunal, and shape the form of Mythic Europe.

All correspondence in the troupe is done through the Virtusaga Group.


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