Support and publications

LVPSG email (Yahoo) group 

Members can join our Yahoo! email group for support between meetings.

We discuss visits to doctors, report on progress with treatments and chat about all sorts of vulval pain-related issues.

We try to put minutes of our meetings and reports on vulval pain conferences attended in the Files section of our Yahoo! email group. We also have a good selection of studies and links to useful sites: londonvpsg is part of Yahoo Groups. Contact us for information on how to join.

Contacting the LVPSG

For more information email us at

You can also phone us on 07837 533 992  – if no one answers your call, please try again later. This is often a first point of contact and while we try and meet your needs, it is not a counselling service and is not run by any medical health professionals, so medical advice cannot be given. If circumstance permits we may be able to discuss your condition with you and/or be able to listen to your concerns.